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IBS help please.

Hi everyone,
I am 24 and have been suffering with IBS for the last four years. But have not had a bad episode for at least a year... possibly more. As i have been very careful with which foods i eat, i worked out that white bread or anything similar didnt help my IBS.
On Friday (7th May) i had a very stressful and emotinal day, i could feel myself getting all worked up and of course that bought on my IBS badly. For the last two days i have had nausea, bad pain to the right of my belly button after eating, and loss of appetite. My stomach and my lower right hand side also feel tender, but are only occasionally painful. After sticking to plain foods all day on Saturday i thought i would see an improvement, but i woke up today with bad nausea. So i have been eating plain foods little and often, and drink lots of warm fluids. I have also been using a hot water bottle to help with my tender stomach.
I find my stomach is more tender when i am sitting down, or moving. And i get no tenderness or pain as i wake up in the morning, or if i wake from a nap. Its almost like it vanishes when im asleep.
As i havent had an eposide like this for so long i do not having any medication... thats not passed its expiration date. I was wondering if anyone has similar symptoms, and what they do to ease them?
And whether it is best to keep eating plain foods little and often, or whether just to eat as normal dispite the pain?

Oh... and just to make it clear i live in the UK. So my only option would be to go and see my GP who would give me some kind of anti spasmodic tablets.

Thank you!
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i would be a little like u in the sence i too suffer setbacks with ibs after yrs of feeling like death warmed up when u feel good for such a long period esp with ibs u tend to forget such is the great power of the body and mind and suddendly out the blue a flare shouts at you and leaves u all confused again what did i eat what caused this etc ---the truth probably and i speak for myself is stress /anxiety which will flare those of use disposed to ibs and with most flares they tend to go on for a few days if not weeks
i find the best is to continue as normal as in eat normally the diet that was working for u in the first place give yourself some relax time nice hot bath good night sleep and take your mind off what caused u the stressful day and bring yourself back into feeling good and asured again
l-glutamine is a great supplement to take in ibs as it restores and heals the digestive
track in times of inflammation which there is in low form in ibs any processed foods will trigger ibs in most {white breads,pastas etc } and these if possible are best avoided rice is always good and lamb as a meat should give no side effects
peppermint tea is a natural spasmatic .and even just lying down and massaging the belly in circuler motions  with some almond oil with a couple drops of lavender mixed in should ease down painful spasms

i hope u feel better soon
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