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IBS trouble, suggestions welcome

hello. I am 22 years old. For the past 2 years I have been having some gastro problems I cant seem to get rid off. I get gas whenever I eat anything high in carbohydrates. I cant eat and apple without getting gas. It always has a putrid odor. I wake up every morning with a stuffed nose and a white coating on my tongue. On days when I eat nothing or no carbohydrates at all, I wake with a clear nasal passage and very little if any gas at all. Unfortunately this isnt a viable or healthy way to live. The first diagnosis my doctor gave me was fungal infection on count of white coating on tongue and prescribed fluconazole. When that didnt work I was made to take medical tests including endoscopy and colonoscopy which came back clean  but gave me prev-pac for signs of bacterial infection in my stomach. Still the problem persists.  It has become very frustrating not to mention embarrassing. Right now I'm taking probiotics, psyillium husk and omeprazole. yet none of these are helping. I get gas after drinking a cup of psylluim husk.Physically I'm in great shape. I run 7 miles or cycle an hour thirty minutes at least 5 days a week. 8% body fat I eat healthy for the most part. Doctor cant find anything wrong with me.  I'm open to suggestions
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You have intolerance issues with certain foods. Change the psylllium husks to miralax (sp) because people that have sensitive bowels do not do well on bulking type meds. Look up on the internet on foods that cause gas and you should be able to get your problem under control. And get off the daily omeprazole. That makes your stomach acids turn alkaline and you'll just end up with more bowel problems. Omeprazole is good for once in a while indigestion. Maybe change doctors, too. Hope this helps you!
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Hello, I had the same problem, despite being healthy (running daily,being slim) I could not eat fruit and veg. My doctor suggested colon cleanse. I tam taking natural pills, Naturalmax Enerix and Vitalix and these help a lot. I am much better if eating fruits than before, and I've been only taking them for 3 weeks. These are 100% natural and also sugar-free.
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