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IBS with anemia?

I have episodes of bloating with pain, diarrhea, and urgency. I sometimes pass small amounts of mucus. The symptoms seem to come and go, where sometimes I am OK for a month or two, and then it returns with a vengeance. I had an upper and lower GI scope, celiac biopsy, and stool guaic test, and these came back negative.

My doc has chalked it up to IBS, however I also have been suffering from iron deficiency anemia for a few years. I am a 30YO female, but I do not have heavy periods. The docs are baffled as to why my iron is always so low... seems like it would be logical that this was due to my GI issues. That said, could this be something besides IBS? Should I keep pushing for more tests? I go through periods of intense diarrhea and pain, so I would really like to get these symptoms under control if possible. Thanks for any advice.
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for me anemia would not be a symptom in ibs ,but there are so many different symptoms that u read in here i would not be surprised.some times bacterial infections can cause anemia as well as bouts of diarrhea
are u taken anything to help like b vits
in iron deficiency anemia supplements are normally given to replace the loss of stored iron.maybe u could discuss this with your doc if u havent already.
if this is not related to diet or some form of malabsorption i would keep asking for reasons as to why.
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Try the Digestive Advantage products, they have one for IBS and GAS.  I use this and it's done wonders for me.
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I have IBS and Anemia and trust me i know what you are going through. If you have IBS its means that your body has trouble diagesting iron and other nutritents. This could be why you are anemic, your body isn't absorbing enough iron.
I have IBS constipation and the only way for me to gain control was to drastically change my diet and it's working so far. My sister however, suffers IBS diarrhea and the only way for her to gain control was to take diarrhea tablets and to change her diet. You need to find out what foods trigger your IBS. For example, for my sister she can't eat wholegrain. for your anemia, i suggest you take iron tablets or add more iron into your diet
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