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I don't know if anyone knows if this is IBS or something else. I have been having on and off issues with stomach upset and diarrhea. It's been going on for past 5 months been to doctors one said IBS the other said Chrones. I get yellow jelly like stools once to four times a month. Before they hit I get bad pain like i have to go and I can't control it. I go then its fine I go back to normal until whenever the next one hits? Its really agervating since I don't know when this episode will come I have to wear depends at 26.
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first of all, there is a difference between IBS which is  irritable bowl syndrom, and chron`s disease.

considering that u r asking about IBS,  its called  spastic colon too, its a disorder with people who have anxiety , that affects the colon movements usually and make problems in digestion,  u could have bloating  and pain, usually refered to ur mood status and anxiety or even obsession.

usually, doctors treat this disorder by using SSRI, which is a medication for anxiety, and could relaxes the colon and  they give  dietary fibers too
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Have you consulted with a GI doctor and had any testing done?
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