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Irritable Bowel Syndrome or something else?

Hello everyone !
I am experiencing strange symptoms the last 1 year that keep me from having a normal life. I get nausea , especially in the morning, i feel shaky when I am hungry , I have a constant abdominal pain on the right side which sometimes radiates on the back , sometimes I feel itchy on the belly and often I get skin rashes on my hands and feet that itch too.
I was suspecting that it was a liver disease , but my liver enzymes  and ultrasound showed that everything ( liver , gallbladder )  are normal . The doctor told me it is IBS , prescribed medications but the symptoms continue .
I have to say that I am generally very stressed and suffered from depression in the past for 4-5 years .

Does anyone has similar symptoms to mine ?
Please give me some advice , this is driving me insane....

Thank you in advance
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Anyone Please?
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Don't worry..  This seems to me very much like a food allergy/intolerance problem. It may take some effort to find out what kinds of food are troubling you. Search for diet advice. The Fodmap-diet is difficult, but it seems to help a lot of IBS-patients.  
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It will be better for you to consult a doctor regarding this who will provide you a better treatment.
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Are you sure it's IBS? And what kind of medication are you on exactly?
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I thought they consulted a doctor already
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