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Irritable bowel

I am a 42 year old woman, I had my gall bladder removed 14 years ago.  I am overweight.  For the past 18 months I have been plauged with an irritable bowel.  I have bowel motions 5-8 times per day.  My stools are always loose and often bright yellow.  I have cramps and gas and often after passing still have the feeling of needing to go. When I need to go, I NEED TO GO! and there is no way I can wait.  I feel I take in adequit fibre in my diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit most of which are taken in raw and also I am mindful of drinking plenty of water.   I do try to keep clear of fatty foods. I am not feeling stressed or depressed. Symptoms are worse with my menstral cycle.
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i cant give an exact straight answer here because i dont know a lot about not having a gallbladder as in i still have mine but in saying that 5-8  bowel movements a day seems like a lot.the word irritable is the word to rem when it comes to ibs and for most it is a particular type of food or certain additives that go into foods that will trigger ibs attacks -one of which is erratic bowel movements.
now at what time do u eat your fruit is it with meals or in between cause there is a big difference --fruit is quick sugar of the good kind -and quick sugar in ibs will cause loose stools -fruit in best taken in between meals on its own--veg is also good for u but what kind are u having --also raw veg is difficult to digest for people who have ibs its better lightly cooked or steamed .i wont go into fatty foods u probably know all about those.
keep a diary for 2 weeks list all foods taken and note interactions and problems that occur--try to eat smaller meals like 5-6 small meals instead of 3 big ones --
bright yellows stools can mean a lot of things and i dont know what tests u have but sometimes they can mean that the food has just simply moved too fast through the colon
most people even me and i have ibs are sadly stressed and it is simply cause our bodies now react differently to food than before ---stress plays a part in ibs u know going to the bathroom 5-8 times a day and worrying about it is a type of stress.
u are by no means to feel than it is wrong to be worried about or concerned about your health --that is perfectly nautural.
now afterall that have u spoken to your doc about this --there are meds u can take to help with digestion --gut motility--and for loose bowel movements--
probioicts are great---as are digestive enzymes---and they maybe worth a try

let us know what u think
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maybe, you are eating too much fiber it can cause irritable bowel.  water is good for you but if you are eating a lot of corn or carrots it or whatever color vegies you are eating can cause your stool to be yellow.  also fats can too, you can eat a lot of carbs which convert to fats and whamo, yellow stools.  does your stool float on top if so it is fats, if it goes to the bottom it is not.  gross question, but true, try cutting down on the vegies and the fruits and stay away from as my doctor tells me anything yellow, green is fine, red in moderation, yellow is a bad fellow.  

the fruits and veggies that are yellow are full of carbs which convert to fat which cause the bowel problems.  
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