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Is it really IBS or could it be something else?

I'm 19 and have been diagnosed with severe IBS and have been going to sepcialists. For years I have been told I am lactose and gluten intolerant and so haven't consumed any as I know how ill it makes me and is really really bad. Recently after tests I found out I was fructose intolerant too so should be warey of how much I eat but don't take it out of my diet completely. I also limit the amount of soya as I know that reacts badly with me. I have tried taking out sugar and eggs too but doesn't seem to make a difference as well as trying the fodmap diet with a dietician who said it wasn't helping at all. This to me kind of rules out the options that food could be making me so ill daily. (I know some other food makes it worse, such as chocolate, dairy free of course, but even when I don't have this I'm always ill.) I constantly feel drained and my body hurts. I have a bad back and was diagnosed with hyperflexibilty syndrome which I have been having intense physio for. I used to be so sporty bit now I'm always tired (it's not extreme fatigue due to the fact that I was so athletic before but I can't do nearly what I used to be able to.) my main symptoms are diarrhoea or loose stalls each day and having to dash for the toilet yet still have droplet type stalls or it not coming too easy as well in the same day even! Some days I go multiple times with in like an hour. I also am bloated nearly every day and my stomach balloons. I am a healthy weight but have been putting on weight recently for no reason but perhaps that's just my age. I have been tested for so many other things but everything comes back negative, are there any suggestions that could help as I am going travelling again soon and this can be a real problem, no medicine herbal or prescribed seems to help. I have polysistic overies and have had gladula fever in recent years if that helps at all and often take a long time to fall asleep at night. Any ideas of how I can help the cramps, dihorrea or bloating? Feel like I've tried everything!
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Oh and I'm super laid back so I can't imagine it's anything to do with stress, the doctor said this too!
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