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Is there any relief from constant nausea?

For the past few years I have had problems with my digestive/gastro-intestinal health. About two years ago I noticed that I seemed to be having a more frequently upset stomach (usually diarrhoea) than was normal. About once a month I'd have a severly upset stomach but the rest of the time I'd be fine. Then about a year and a half ago I realised that I was feeling nauseaous every single day, usually in the morning, but sometimes in the afternoons too. Often eating would relieve the feeling for a couple of hours, but at other times eating would make me feel much worse and even sicker. Since then I have been to see various doctors and gastro specialists, I've had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy but they have not discovered anything. The common diagnosis is that it is IBS, but I don't really suffer from the constipation/diarrhoea pattern and nausea is my biggest problem. I have also noticed that I am quite bloated (much more than I used to be) and my stomach is constantly churning, grumbling and making noises. I feel like I constantly want to press and kneed my stomach, because it is so bloated, pulsing and gassy. Despite the never-ending nausea I have never actually been sick, however when I'm feeling really nauseous I seem to swallow excessively which can make me feel terrible.

Although nausea doesn't sound like a particularly bad problem it affects me every day and can prevent me living my life as I want to. I often feel that I can't be active or do excercise because my stomach feels so uncomfortable and I feel so sluggish. It can disrupt nights out with my friends when I suddenly feel incredibly sick or my stomach is upset. Frustratingly doctors seem to lose interest in finding out what's wrong now that they know it's nothing serious, but I long for the days when I didn't worry about what my stomach was doing or how I was feeling.

Can anyone help or does anybody else suffer from similar symptoms? Furthermore does anybody have a cure for nausea that really works? I've tried Dom Peridone (Motillium), peppermint capsules, ginger capsules and so far no relief!

Any input gratefully received.

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I know how you feel. i have suffered chronic nausea every day since i was 19( I am now 23). my doctor believes it may be a severe symptom of GERD but all he put me on was maximum strength prevacid, phenergran, and bonine when neccessary. the damage i am having to do to my liver with all the meds is rediculous. i take 90 phenergrans in about three weeks, normally i have at least ten to twelve episodes a month where i have to take the bonine and the prevacid every day. i still can barely eat and have been checked for a multitude of digestive issues as well as having to go to a therapist and nothing has helped. i spent the first two years i had this problem eating mashed potatoes because everything else made me feel so terrible. now i have a vitamin deficiency due to the limited diet. hope you find an answer to your problem....wish i would find a definate diagnosis so i could get the right treatment and get better myself.
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I'm 18 and ever since the end of the 10th grade I started feeling constant nausea, every day, all day. Then in 11th grade it went away and I felt good for most of the year(here and there i'd be nauseas). Then what do you know in 12th grade I started getting it again, all day, everyday, it never stops. In the past may, i got really annoyed and went to go see a doctor. I got a endoscopy done and nothing was found, i got a sonogram done and nothing was found. Next week I am getting a barium xray or something. I've lost ~8 pounds since then but I think it's because I don't eat. When I eat nothing happens I don't get more nauseas or less nauseous but I do get a bloating sensation in my upper abdomen. My nausea is really located in the lower part of my abdomen(lower instestinal area). Also, I feel like i have to use the bathroom for a good majority of the time but when i go sit, i cant get anything out. I burp consistently and sometimes i get harsh waves of nausea but i never puke. I must say that I don't suffer from loss of appetite, I always am "hungry" as in I wanna eat the food but my body won't let me like I rarely get the feeling of hunger. Recently I started to get eye floaters (not sure if  this is linked or not) like since 2or 3 weeks ago. My stomach also is "moving" all the time. It like grumbles but not constantly but sometimes that makes it feel better if i can get it to grumble. I push on my abdomen as if there was something in there because it does feel like i can just kneed my stomach out. When i say stomach i am talking about my lower intestinal area of my abdomen. I get nervous that I will be sick if I eat so I only eat at my house. Which ***** cuz i have to go through a whole day of college without eating. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be?
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I really am on the same page with most of you. I have been having chronic nausea since November 2006 when it became an everyday affair.  Always - everyday.  Not enough to make me vomit. No pain except when I get a left lower abdomen pain that they believe is a mild form of diverticulosis. I have been to three gastros, two interns, had every test possible, was told that I have GERD but I don't get acid reflux and IBS which is a catch all when they don't know what you have.  All the tests show little abnormalities but nothing dramatic.  The results of one test indicate that when I am having nausea the that I have acid in my esophagas. That test was where I had to have a monitor inserted via my nose into the esophagus for 24 hours to register acid.
I have a small hernia, a gall bladder that isn't working at 100 percent, but when they tested it they said was not bad enough to operate.  If I eat I feel better for a while but then the nausea returns in an hour or so.  It seems that as soon as my stomach is empty I am nauseous. But then I eat again, feel better, then again sick feeling.  I was told I don't have an ulcer or didn't when I had the tests done about 3 years ago. I was a put on proto pump inhibitors, different kinds at different times. I wanted to try to do it without drugs but had to recently return to taking them again along with sucralfate which is given to ulcer patients.  You take it 3 hours after you eat and one hour before your next meal. It coats the stomach and esophagus. After three weeks,   I am not feeling much better. But I am going to try to be really careful with my diet and see if it gets any better over the next couple of weeks before I set an appointment with a U.C. Davis Medical School Gastro.  I can't sleep at night because of nausea and am going to buy an electric bed so I can raise the bed to try to avoid any acid in the esophagus. It is exhausting.    
The danger is if it is acid in the esophagus, it can ultimately develop into esophageal cancer so taking the sucralfate is to hopefully protect the lining of the esophagus.

I am interesting in any treatments or diets that have worked for anyone.
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I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL!!!!! I am dizzy/ naseus 80% of the time. Preventing me from having a care free life of coming and going as i wish. If i didnt work for my family business i would have been fire LONG ago. Mornings are always the worst for some reason. And being 28 and sexually active it sometimes scares the heck out of me thinking im possibly pregnant. Ive had two kids and this feeling at times totoaly feels like im preggo again. The past 2 or so years have been the absolute worst for me. Dr's definitly dont take me seriously just as you say. They want to blame it all on stress or depression. Yes it is very stressful to feel like this daily and not be able to be an active mother as i wish to be. Im tired of telling my children " im sorry i cant go outside and run around right now, mommy doesnt feel well again"!!!!! Ive have both procedures done where they stick the camera tube down my throat, and one up the other end lol. I felt confident that i would find answers in getting those tests done, but nothing. Its come to the point i HATE Doctors. I know something is wrong with me and im not talking emotionally as the doctors want to say.... and then push me out the door and on to the next patient. I only feel comfort that someon understands me by reading these posts, where other people have the Same Exact symtoms as I do. But at the same time it is so discuraging seeing how everyone says the same thing about doctors and how they seem almost heartless about our situation. Ive been told to go to a therapist several times becasue i have broke down crying to dr's. This is no way to live life. And i want a solution. Yes of course im going to cry about it because i just want to go on with life and not be sick every single day. Yes this makes me cry. Doesnt mean im a depressed person and need therapy.
Well for me i have gone to many many Dr'sand speacialists, my next try is going to be a homeopathic dr and testing myself for food alergies. I really dont know what else to do.
What also ***** is knowing how annoying i sound to other people when i say "i feel sick again"..... ESpecially the look on my childrens face when im letting them down not being an active mother all the time.

What to do? What to do?
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Hi everybody, I haven't posted in a couple of years and it's interesting reading back to how I was feeling then and comparing it with how I am feeling now. Things are by no means perfect but my life is not nearly so disrupted by all the nausea and symptoms as it was two years ago. There are a few things which I think have helped which might or might not be useful for any of the rest of you:

1) I got a different job which I am much happier in. I was (and still am) cynical that stress or anxiety was causing these problems, but I definitely think stress makes the the existing problem worse. Without even realising it I was dreading work on a daily basis and I think this was adding to my unsettled stomach. Now I don't exactly love my job but I don't dread and fear it so I think this has helped.

2) I have been taking Optibac probiotics for Daily Immunity. This could be a placebo effect as again it seems like a simple solution but i've definitely had fewer episodes of upset stomachs and cramping since taking them.

3) I'm being more careful with what I eat. Weirdly enough all the usual things which people say you shouldn't eat too much of (cakes, chocolate, pasta) make me feel fine, whereas some of the 'healthier' stuff like garlic, too much fruit and certain vegetables make things worse. I'm sure this type of thing is personal to everybody but it did make me think that often a so called perceived 'healthy diet' doesn't work for everybody - in fact for those of us with gastro problems it could be making it worse.

Anyway, these are small things and there doesn't seem to be a quick fix solution but they've helped me out.

The one thing I really need to try to master now is travelling out of the UK as this is when things really flare up. It doesn't have to be an exotic country, even a trip to France or Spain will have me running to the toilet and feeling constantly sick. A trip to Cuba last year was really ruined by feeling sick and having an upset stomach the whole time - I lost a stone in just under 3 weeks (which when you weigh 8.5 stone is quite substantial!) Next time I go away i'm going to try Optibac Probiotics for travelling abroad as i've read some good things about these, however I am trying to come to terms with the fact that i'm always going to have to be more careful than other people and this problem may never go away completely.

I hope some of you can find some solutions that help you, I know what a drain it can be on your life and it's so depressing when it feels like nobody understands or cares.

Good luck xx
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hi i have also gastro problem for last 12 years, i have always upset in my abdomen, thick sticky paste like stool, gas/air in abdomen, intolerance with all dairy products, sweets fish and eggs, im living very upset life, in last 12 years i have taken lots of medicine, did all kinds of tests (normal) but no improvement, now im tired of my life, im taking probiotics which are very expensive and slightly helps,,, now what more i should do

age:33 wt: 55kg. pakistan
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