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Is there anyone experiencing the same constant nausea?

For over a year now I seem to have problems with my digestive system. For over a year now I have been struggling with constant nausea from the moment I open my eyes to when I go to sleep. Some days It gets worse and some days are manageable. After my summer holiday I started having acid refluxes to which I was diagnosed with GRED and was given emaprozolg etc. That did cure my acid refluxes however, did nothing to my nausea. Just recently I also started to feel very tired; I seem to be okay for few days then it seems like my system shuts down and I feel super tired and weak for few days and then I'm back to normal (nausea). At the beginning of the year I had Diarrhoea quite often, now my stool seem to be okay for serval days then I suffer from constipation. On top of that my belly/stomach and bowel rumbles and makes loud noises on daily basis but usually at night. Despite the never-ending nausea I have never actually been sick, Thank God as I have an actual fear of vomiting. around 2 weeks ago I went to see my doctor again saying that nothing is changing and its affecting my day to day life, to which we sat down and looked at the bigger picture and decided that it might be anxiety, took the anti-anxiety tablet but I felt absolutely awful.

Went back to see a doctor yesterday to which he decided it might be IBS, gave me anti nausea tablets which are working magic for couple hours and IBS tablets. (hopefully they will work). However, since I came of the anti-anxiety I feel super tired and I feel like my stomach flinches a lot. Also my sleeping patterns is terrible, I keep waking up with nausea.

All my tests are coming back fine, which is really annoying as I want to get to the bottom of this now. It affecting my work, my ability to do good at university and my life in general. Please get back to me if you are suffering from similar symptoms and anyone that has any idea how to deal with this please comment.I feel worthless and depressed because I don't feel like myself at all.

Thank you for your time,
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Now, I'm no doctor, but this sounds like you need much more sleep. Try taking some time off of work, getting blackout blinds to block out the light and sleep for as long as possible. The nausea may also be from lack of sleep, perhaps try drinking more water if this doesn't work. I'm not 100% sure that this will work, but please do try. Good luck, and I hope you get better.
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Hi Nat.

Even if you had anxiety, most anti-anxiety medications don't work very well, considering their low efficiency rates and all the side effects associated with them.
And then there are the withdrawal symptoms, right?
How long were you on the anti-anxiety med?

As far as GERD goes, to my opinion, this is not a proper medical diagnosis,but rather a symptom of  an underlying undiagnosed condition.

And in the vast majority of cases acid-reducing medications do not work, beyond momentarily relief and then the body produces MORE gastric acid to compensate.
In the event the gastric acid production is already impaired (one of the main causes of GERD!), acid-reducing drugs further reduce the gastric acid to critical levels, affecting, digestion, absorption & assimilation of essential nutrients
and vitamins.
This is not the best way to address any health condition.

I would start with food sensitivity testing.
For fast results, I suggest  you look into Dr. Cocoa's Pulse Test, which might be more accurate than IGg blood tests.
Same 2 blood samples taken from one person and sent at the same time to the lab has often returned  2 very
different reports, haha.
It's a self-test and it takes a week to complete, but you must follow the online instructions very precisely.

The other way to test is by doing a food elimination, starting with the wheat/gluten group, which is the one with the highest sensitivity rates and the longest to do, since gluten effects linger around for many weeks after its elimination from diet.

You can also do the Betaine HCL and/or the baking soda burp challenge on your own to test your gastric acid levels ( do at least a day away from anti-acid drug intake). Just look these up online.

On another note, you may want to start doing some gentle yoga, which could help calm your body and your mind.
My daughter is an advanced yoga instructor and I have seen some phenomenal improvements in many people
in her classes.
Various types of yoga instruction are offered at most Universities at reasonable prices.

I hope this helps and if you need any further details, please let me know.

Best wishes,

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