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Is this Anxiety or IBS?

Getting straight to the point I get very sick when I am around or attempting to get into a relationship. To explain in more detail I get what feels like extreme bloating(but no burping), heartburn, and to the point of where I will begin to vomit when ever I am getting close to someone. For example when talking to someone I am attracted to I will feel bloating and occasionally heartburn. If we get close for example hugging, kissing or even holding hands it will get to the point where I will begin to vomit.

I have no trouble talking in front of crowds or being in large groups of people. I also have no trouble talking to most women unless it escalates towards getting a number or going on a date do I feel the symptoms.

I have been told its IBS and I do have IBS in my family but I have been on some drugs from my doctor but I do not remember what I was on due to having this condition for the past 4 years and the medication did not stop the symptoms. Is it possible I was on the wrong medication or is this a type of anxiety?

I posted this in the Anxiety forum first but have not recieved any responses so I am hoping anyone can give me some insight and hopefully treatment ideas on what I can do.
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Welcome to the IBS community!  This sounds like it is probably anxiety.  I would recommend talking to your doctor about seeing a therapist and also thinking about trying an anti-anxiety medication.
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