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Is this IBS?

Hey everyone, so I'll start by saying that I was told when I was a child that I had IBS. I always had stomach aches and bathroom problems as a child, but I'm 29 years old now and havent had issues since late high school. I've also had anxiety for the longest time.

Back in September I went on a "Testosterone Diet", eating T-Boosting foods like cabbage, broccoli, kale, nuts, onions, meat, bananas, kefir, spinach, rice daily....and I lost over 30 pounds so far and got stronger which is good. But 3 weeks ago I started getting moaning, groaning, bubbly, creeky sounds all over my stomach area on Sunday night (Sundays are my cheat days where I eat loads of junk food).

    No blood or pain; just an occasional minor pinch or swollen feeling.

   Last Tuesday I woke up at 4am and was really hot, and ended up vomitting and had diarrhea. I felt fatigued but that was it for the most part. I felt fine within a few hours, then went to the doctor and had everything checked and she said she thought it was Gastroenteritis. My vitals were all good.

  Since Tuesday I still hear groaning, creeky and bubbly sounds especially in the morning. Today for my cheat day I bought some cookies, but 20 minutes after eating them I ran to the bathroom. I also feel more anxious, worried these days with job issues...so overall I'm not sure if this is an IBS flare up, or colitis or what.

   What do you all think? Im sure the vomitting and diarrhea came from Gastroenteritis, but what about all the bubbly and moaning sounds? Thank you.
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Take your time when eating, make sure you chew real good and never feel rushed.
Don't drink anything within  at least 1/2 hour before and after eating.

Wait at least a couple hours after eating to workout.
Digestion and exercise compete for oxygen.

Watch out for gas producing foods, no chewing gum, don't slurp your drinks or soup and avoid doing things which trigger anxiety.

Best wishes,
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thanks Niko, what about exercise? I do cardio and lift weights but my stomach feels like a swollen full feeling after like 20 minutes. Im guessing its just trapped gas or something?
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It seems that you're not out of the woods yet.
Even if you have not experienced any severe symptoms after tuesday,
it does not mean that the virus, bacteria or parasites causing this infection,
are 100% contained. The other symptoms you mentioned could be related to
Gastroenteritis as well, but hard to establish.

I would say, ditch the cheat days for now and avoid any extremes.
If you're gonna cheat, at least be reasonable. It makes no logical sense, just for the sake of cheating to abuse your body.
Have pizza, chicken wings and beer once in while, but wait until you feel really healed. Pain of Discipline is always better than Pain of Regret!

Any infection or other illness can exasperate anxiety symptoms.

Best wishes,

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