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Is this IBS?

Over the last week or so I've felt awful. It started with severe stomach bloating which died off but I still get occasional cramps in my stomach/rectal area, with some itching down there aswell. But I've also felt very tired all the time, arms/legs feel fatigued and I just want to get in to bed all the time.  Does this sound like IBS or something more serious? I've scheduled an appointment but the soonest I could get was next Friday.

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I've left a lot out actually. I've been fairly flatulent and my bowel movements have been weird - sometimes I can pass stool easily sometimes it's a struggle. But so far I've had no vomiting or blood in stool.
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Your doctor will probably order a.colonoscopy.
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It sounds like IBS and dietary intolerances. You could start an elimination diet to see what the culprits are. For me it was gluten and dairy
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