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Linzess vs Myralax or both I can't win?

Myralax alone quit working and I was dealing with some serious going to the ER constipation. Very embarrassing as I know the radiology tech at our local hospital. I was put on Linzess with the Myralax. At first it was heaven then the diarrhea came. I am talking, at work, not making it to the toilet diarrhea watery diarrhea. So they say stop taking the Myralax for a week even after I already said I tried that and I hadn't gone in 3 days. I am not about to wait until day 10 to call and tell them what I already know and am forced to wear urinary incontinence pads and secretly planting extra clothes and wipes in the bathrooms at work. :(
A long time ago I was put on Amitiza but I can't remember why I quit taking it. The gastroenterologist prescribed it. I wish I could remember if it was side effects. I think it was cost. That was years ago. I suggested trying that again but nope. My medical doctor said cut the Myralax. Anyone have a better solution? I take the Linzess as prescribed - empty stomach, eat at least 30 min later, plenty of water.
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Oh my gosh, quite the ringer you have been through.  Have you ever heard of botox injections to the gut?  Something a friend's son with a similar history has undergone and has helped.  
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