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Long term discomfort in ascending colon area

Hi, I am a 41 year old male with constant discomfort in my right abdomen just under the lowest part of my ribcage. I can pinpoint the pain to what feels like a swollen area on my ascending colon (I can pinch the area between my finger and thumb and it is like a small swollen lump). I have had an ultrasound of the area to rule out hernia. I find that sometimes after eating I have a lot of bubbling and squealing noises coming from that area. My doctor seems reluctant to do a CT Scan and simply tells me that because the U/S is clear, I am fine and it is most likely gas. I've noticed over the last year that my stools are usually quite loose with fairly common diarrhoea. I also drink too much and wonder if this and codeine tablets for pain in my back might be causing stomach upset or some kind of IBD. Please help, I am getting very concerned.
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