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Lower Left Abdominal Pain

Two weeks ago I had bad gas on the left side of my stomach.  It was accompanied by cramping pain on the left side of the abdominal.  Each morning I feel a hard bulge along my left rib line when I wake up.  It goes away after I have a AM BM.  I feel the cramping throughout the day.  I also started feeling numbness and tingling sensation in left fingers this week and wonder if this is all connected.

I saw my PCP and sent me for ultrasound of the stomach that came back normal only noting a 3MM polyp on gall bladder.

I am scheduled to follow-up with the gastro Dr.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?  Are there any questions I should be asking the gastro DR?  

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This is what I have been feeling lately also.

Okay for some background 2005 was pregnant w/ my son had sever abdominal pains told it was heartburn, after son was born pain was still there so I went to the hospital turns out I needed to have my galbladder taken out and I also pancreatitis. Ever since then I have had severe abdominal pains especially after I eat, nearly every time I eat actually. And the last few days I've been getting this crampy feeling in the lower/left abdomen.

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Gastro DR is sending me for Abdominal/Pelvis CT Scan this Thursday and possible Colonoscomy in three weeks.  He does not think it is anything serious.  I ate like a pig all weekend and was able to slap on 3 lbs.
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I have had this exact same problem.....

I have been suffering with IBS for a number of years with having abdominal pain in my left side around lower back and left rib cage mainly. I have tried many herbal remedies and been to the doctors so many times I just forget how many it is now! I was loosing hope and thought there was no cure for IBS sufferers. I came across some form of Activated carbon. This carbon is found in underwear! I was so shocked when I saw what they did and how they worked on my local East Midlands news! I thought that is was a big mystery and I was intrigued to find out what they did so I bought some. They really do work! I can't believe how much my life has changed now due to wearing this specific underwear. I can go out without having to worry about my bad flatulence. I hope that all sufferers in my situation are able to come across this amazing invention! I got them off the internet- where I do most of my research for my IBS problem. They are called Shreddies. They truely are the best rememedy I have come across by far!
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