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Lower left abdominal pain

I'm usually in the anxiety forum. I'm 26 male.

About three months ago I got very stressed at work due to a huge production I was in charge of.

I got anxiety from it. I then had some diarhea from time to time... Lost appetite... but made myself eat.

Well I kept getting diarhea and strange stools. Stools that would be real soft and breaky. Like they turned to dust when I flushed.

I went to the dr and he said it's prob anxiety related and he put me on paxil.

I have been on paxil 10mg for about a month now and still have the issue. Yesterday I had diarhea 5 times.

I must also note that i've been having lower left abdominal pain too. And if I press on my gut at night laying in bed it just hurts. And my stomach is always gurgling so loud. And I've been having a sting gag reflex and tight throat. This throat issues have gotten better. I do burp alot and some times at night get acid reflux coming up my throat. My allergies have been bad too the past two weeks... Lots and lots of post nasal drip.

I went to the dr today for a check up... And he took me off the paxil bc I am having a sexual disfunction with it.

And he wants me to do a stool sample. Does this sound like IBS?

Will the stool sample help him rule out lots of things?

Thanks for listening.
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It could be IBS.  You should have a colonoscopy to verify, but most likely it is IBS.  IBS is aggravated by stress.  Also diet is a big factor.  For example, for many of us, we simply can't tolerate gluten and dairy.  I have the opposite symptoms, but it's all IBS.  When the doctor does the colonoscopy and sees nothing but what looks to be a healthy pink colon, he will conclude that it's IBS.  But, it's best to have the test done, just to be on the safe side.  These colon symptoms can sometimes be other things, too.  More than likely, though, it's IBS.
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