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Morning Diarrhea , GERD, PLEASE HELP!

I am female 34 years old and have been dealing with some pretty bad stomach issues. I dealt with a very stressful job change which i think set off my stomach issues. I was inbetween sizes on my uniform and of course i chose the smaller one hoping i would lose weight. I think that pushed the stomach acid up into my esophagus and gave me some pretty severe reflux. I couldnt eat, was getting indigestion, gas, bloating, gnawing stomach pain, light colored bad smelling diarrhea, burning in my stomach. I could hardly eat and when i did it offered some relief until i got hungey again. I started omeprazole which helped for a couple weeks, and helped my upper stomach issues, i am able to eat and go longer with an empty stomach without getting sick, . Most of my symptoms cleared up, even my stool was normal but after eating a burrito which was a little spicy, it seemed like it came back, but a little less severe. Now i am dealing with upset stomach, bloating, stomach cramps (mostly at night trying to sleep with an empty stomach) and watery foul smelling diarrhea every morning. I can go all day without another episode but i usually have to go about 2-4 times in the morning. During all of this i also stopped my progesterone only birth control after about a month and a half and have to take advil for bad menstrual cramps which just makes my stomach pain worse (i usually take 8-12 advil a day to control the pain, but even one advil will cause indigestion and stomach pain for me, but i have no help from doctors on this issue so i am stuck:() i was wondering if this could be hormone related? Just a bad IBS flare? (Always had stomach issues but never gerd or relfux until now, and i heard progesterone can contribute) SIBO from PPIs? Any suggestions what it could be or what to do to help it? I suffer from chronic anxiety and stress, could it be low stomach acid?? Please help!
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry for a delay in response!  You do seem to have some of the symptoms of IBS.  Have you seen a gastroenterologist? That would be my suggestion.  Your hormones could be playing a role and a trigger for this as well as your anxiety and stress.  Here is information on IBS https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/irritable-bowel-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20360016  Because anxiety is so heavily involved in IBS, some prevention of that would make sense to work on.  Things like getting counseling, seeking medical treatment for anxiety, practicing mindfulness training, relaxation and meditation can be helpful.  Advil can create some GI distress though as can other medications.  Have you considered a food diary to also see about dietary reasons for these issues?
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Hello sunshine (that was fun to say, lol).  I hope that you are doing well and we just wanted to see if you have any update for us.  Best of health to you.
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