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No pain with my IBS but regular anxiety

I have been diagnosed with IBS, but never get the pain people talk about. I suffer with lots of gass and bowel activity but not pain. I am more on the constepated end but, regularly if i feel unwell with my IBS anxiety kicks in, and i become exhausted and not in the room. Does anybody else suffer with this?
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I was suffered from Ibs 2 years. Now have cured  it myself. If you sure you are suffering from IBS and no other midical problems, I am sure you cam cure it by doing following things. 1. Dont drink water at least for 30 min after having meal. Ideally 1 hr is best. You can have one swip of water if you condt control.2. Eat at least two cucumers per day. Chew it until it becomes jelly. 3.Dont put pressure on stomach and dont sit for longer times. 4. Take fiber rich food. Walking least 30 min per day is important. 5. Dont prefer to sleep on sides. 6. Most important thing, when you feeling to go toilet dont stop it even for minute.

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IBS is a symptom of anxiety, so you may very well be suffering from the syndrome as a side effect of your anxiety disorder.
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