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Not Diagnosed but have mucus in stool please help

So I havent been diagnosed with IBS but I figure this is the best place to ask as you all have likely had extensive experience with bowel issues and the process of diagnostics etc.

For the last 3ish months I have been having white stringy mucus in my stool. Most prevalent in forst stool of the day. First one seems to be mixed in with a stool that usually appears as slightly constipated, and then it's usually on the surface of any other bowel movement I have throughout the day.
I maybe have some rectal pain but its hafd to tell whether I actually am or whether it's because I'm anxious.

I have blood tests and a stool sample to do and I'm so scared that it could be cancer, just looking for a but of peace of mind until I do my tests and get results. I have had a very very stressful and anxious year and this is just not needed right now.

Any advice on what it could be would be greatly appreciated. Most articles I have looked at for mucus in stool have a plethora of other symptoms that I dont have so its hard to gauge. There is no blood, I dont seem to have any pain. Sometimes my lower left abdomen can feel tender but again, I dont know if this is in my head at this point
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Hey, I agree this is a great place to ask and sorry you hadn't gotten an answer yet.  How many times do you go a day?  Most people go once. :>)  Definitely time for a stool sample with your doctor.  Are you sure it is mucus?  Could it be yeast?  I have an issue I'm dealing with now in which after a long antibiotic use for a tooth issue, I have GI issues.  They include some 'stuff' in my stool.  I had thought it was mucus too.  More likely though, it's candida/yeast.  The antibiotics may have wiped out my gut flora.  I'm taking a good probiotic right now and working on prebiotics.  Prebiotics are fermented things like pickles, saurerkraut, etc.  They make the right environment for the good bacteria from the probiotic to grow.  It's helping.  But if you have no reason this is going on, I'd get your stool checked and then they can see if it is mucus.  By the way, something else that causes mucus is anal fissures.  Or a bacterial infection.  Have you made it to the doctor yet?
So I have been to the doctor. They have taken blood samples and are doing a faecal calprotectin test, he also performed a digital exam.
I've had the bloods back and they are all fine, but havent had the results of the stool sample yet unfortunately. I had considered that it could be yeast, but I am pretty confident that it is mucus, as was my doctor when I showed him a picture (awkward!).
I usually go 3-5 times a day.
I'm thinking it's probably not a bacterial infection because my white blood levels are fine and I dont have any other symptoms like fever or anything like that which would suggest infection. I think that it is quite likely that I will be sent for a colonoscopy. Thankyou so much for your response!
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