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Not sure if I have IBS?

I have already seen someone and I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder.
Crohn's runs in my family, but I have been tested for it and had negative results. I do not have Crohn's.
I am lactose intolerant.
I have gastritis.
I have an array of foods that make me incredibly ill: peanut butter, apple juice, some italian red sauces, etc.

Do I just have a mixture of stomach problems, or is it possible that I have IBS?

I am a 19 year old female.

I have had said issues since I was 15-16.

Additionally, I am incredibly nauseous in the mornings. [ Accompanied by diarrhea, usually. ]
There is no possible way for me to be pregnant, because I have never had sex.
What could be wrong?
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It sounds like you have IBS possibly just as I did as a child. It can be managed by what you eat and you won't have to rely on medications. Read some websites on IBS diet because there is lots of imformation out there. Also, it sounds like you have an acidic problem in which you need to focus on staying away from highly acidic foods as much as possible like coffee, viniger, canned or packaged foods, alcohol, medication. Breads and meats are acidic but we do need them just try incorporting more vegetables (prob cooked since you may have IBS) and get ph strips to home test your ph levels.

Good Luck
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Hi there,  first off, if you know certain foods bother you then stop eating them, next you said you have anxiety, are you on any medication, i just started having anxiety about a year ago and was put on lexapro, i have problems with loose stools since gallbladder came out along time ago and take a powder for it which for the most part has helped me live my life, but i have noticed since being on lexapro, that i dont have as much security with my movements even though i am taking the powder, so if you are on medication maybe that me be the cause, also i know when my stomach acts up which is most of the time, i can get nauseous from it for a day or two, too much acid maybe, not really sure, stress plays a big part of the whole bowel and stomach situation.  keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

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only your doc can really confirm the stomach issues or whether ibs
there are a number of intolerances that will give off the same type symptoms as ibs one being lactose,another being celiac disease  etc and hence why most people who show signs of ibs should be screened for these.i  have been tested for both and a lot of others all neg yet if i eat ice cream, drink milk ,eat wheat products,etc  i will get diarrhea hence my ibs ,this is not the same for everyone else as it can wax and wane and presents in different forms.have you seen a dietitan for the lactose intolerance,its just its good to go to these people so they can plan a diet for you ,if thats what you need
i persume you are careful with the lactose avoidance as it can be hidden in a lot of foods you can take the enzyme  lactate if you need or wish to have foods that contain lactose. you could talk to your doc about this.
having anxiety can be fairly stressful on your digestive process when you eat if the body is stressed the whole process get mixed up. this can cause cramp type gassy pains  
stress /anxiety is related to ibs and gut sensitivity.
hope this helps and you feel better soon
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Hello there, I'm not an expert by any means, but I do know how difficult it is when you don't know what exactly is wrong with you. IBS is like an umberella and everybody under it has different symptoms and issues. These can change over the years too. I started getting symptoms at the age of 21 and I am now 25 and the symptoms have changed!
As lng as your keeping your doctor informed and trying different methods and medications to help you then that is all you can do. I also find it good to talk to people on here because it is nice to know that some people experience similar symptoms as you and can sometimes help you!
Hope this makes you feel a little better. x
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