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Not sure if IBS or not

I have had stomach problems/abdominal pain for over a decade.  I have had many tests that have not identified anything.
In the last 12 months the symptoms appear to have worsened slightly - I have generally upper GI pain that shifts from the upper right under the rib cage to the upper right back and at times to the upper left under the rib cage to the upper left back.  Sometimes I experience some pain slightly lower as well.  I have constant stomach gurgling and a lot of gas/bloating and flatulence.   The stomach gurgling continues into the night.   The pain is quite chronic - though not what I call severe - mild to slightly moderate level of pain.   I exercise often - I jog and play tennis - the running and jumping appears to irritate the situation.  My weight is stable (I have to exercise hard to keep the pounds off).
I have seen a gastroenterologist who has put me through a barrage of tests as follows:
1. Full set of blood tests - All normal
2. Colonoscopy - Normal
3. Gastroscopy - All normal except for mild oesophagitus - I am on Nexium and this has stopped any mild heartburn I had
4. Abdominal ultrasound - Pancreas displays normal contour and appearance, bile duct system normal, liver, spleen, and kidneys normal, gall bladder normal with some slight gall bladder sludge
I have been working with my gastroenterologist, whom I trust, to identify a possible cause - I read on the Internet that chronic pancreatitis can cause abdominal pains and bloating.   He didn't think it was this- 'It doesn't present as this'.  Regardless he sent me to get a blood test - The amylase and lipase levels came back in the normal range.
I can't seem to identify any particular trigger foods that exacerbate the symptoms.

Its a frustrating situation I have - it definitely affects my quality of life - I'm finding it difficult to concentrate at work and with my family.

Any advice would be extremely helpful - I know that IBS is normally used as a 'catch-all' when no underlying cause can be identified.

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I don't know if you have IBS but it fits the symptoms, in my opinion. When it comes down to treating your stomach bloating and cramping it is all about DIET. You may think you are eating well, and maybe you are, but cettain foods cause cramping and bloating easily.

Foods to usually avoid!

Coffee, alcohol, sugar, fats (must cut out)
Liquid foods
High fat foods ie chips, peanut butter, baking, cheese, egg yolks etc.
Sugar processed foods ie. chocolate, candy, juice, pop etc.
Processed foods ie. canned, packaged, micromave prepared foods etc.
Raw vegetables and fruits (try dried fruits or cooked vegetables)
Whole grains (stick with sourdough or french bread)

Every person is different so cut all the common bad foods for IBS then slowly add one food in at a time to figure out what bothers you and what doesn't.
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