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Pain on right side, don't think it's appendicitis?

A week or so ago, I had asked a question about a sore spot I have just to the right of my belly button, which I think is a muscle issue of some sort (it feels like it's bruised or like I got kicked there and there is a lump in that area that could just be muscle--not soft like a hernia, but hard and sore).  Anyways...now for the past few days I have had a shooting, kind of cramp-like pain in the right side of my lower abdomen--just above my hip bone and a little below and above that.  When it hits me, it hurts really bad, but it is not constant and not lasting all day long...seems to hit me when I'm moving around a lot.  
I don't think it is appendicitis since it's not getting worse and it's not constant.  I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and am on antibiotics and haven't been eating or drinking very well the past week, so it could be from being dehydrated or from the antibiotics...but just wondering if anyone has other suggestions.
I was really worried about it being possible appendicitis, but I'm sure that if it was that it would have gotten worse by now (it's been going on for about 3 days now off and on--and the lump thing has been noticeable for at least 3 weeks).  
I do have IBS and was wondering if anyone out there gets something like this from that.  The pain is always on the right side, and is in the lower quadrant--from about the belly button level and to the groin area on the right.

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Have you seen an MD at all about these symptoms?  If so, what are they saying..what tests have they done, if any?

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