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Pantoprazole not working; extreme acid on a constant basis

Hey guys. So it's gotten to the point where no matter what I eat, or how much or how little - heck, it doesn't seem to even matter WHEN I eat, I am plagued by continuous acid in my upper stomach. It burns so much and comes up my throat sometimes. This is especially the case when I go to sleep at night because it will rise in my throat until I feel like I'm going to puke or choke. I told my doctor about this and she gave me pantoprazole to take on a daily basis. Admittedly there is SOME relief with it, and I even have days where I don't notice symptoms at all. But inevitably, once the daily pill wears off or if I neglect to take it, the acid is still there. Kind of feels like it's just always there and the pills only mask it but aren't curing anything.

I'm really scared because I do not want to have to do an endoscopy. I work as a medical transcriptionist and see all sorts of reports every DAY where the scope accidently punctures the esophagus or the stomach lining or worse things happen... I just wonder what could be happening to me? I've even tried to clean up my diet a little, staying away from preservatives and food in cans or packages and mostly just eating stuff I cook. I've been avoiding spices and pepper; no longer sure what to do. Sometimes I think I should stop eating altogether but heck, I'm doing intermittent fasting for the past week or so to try and give my stomach a rest, and the acid is STILL there, full-blown! :(

God help me, I am praying for answers and for this to go away but... I don't have much hope.
Can anyone relate?
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