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Right side of anus paining/burns/flatulence/leakage

From last 2 months there is pain / burning sensation /leakage in my anus region. I have pain around right side and that is internal.
First I was told it may be external hemorrhoids or anal fissure and abscess. (Sometimes I can feel something bulging from anus after bowel movement.)
For 2 months I was on medicine for the above symptom.

But now also I have the same pain at the right side and very small amount of leakage still continues when passing air or while walking.

I have done proctoscopy and colonoscopy but they  revealed nothing.
The only thing that was in colonoscopy that some stools were stick around the skin of intestine near rectum.
And doctor guess that because of  this I am having the above symptoms.  
So I am advised to drink plenty of water high fiber diet and stay from spicy foods.

Also I have problem that I am not able to have complete bowel movement(BM).
I have 1 BM in morning but after sometime feel to go for next BM.
But this BM is very sensitive. It means if I am not able to reach toilet within urge.
I don’t hv a BM. And the whole I am passing notorious gases from
my anus.  
Can u help me to diagnosis  my problems  ??
I have a sitting job and it usually takes me around midnight to have dinner bcz of work pressure.

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The problem is centered around constipation.

But i have tried everything, fibre, exercising and everything possible things.

From Last week i tried to drink  4-5 liters of water daily. and that has helped me, i getting rid of unpleasant smell from stools,

stools are firm compared to my previous stools loose and soft stools and i am able  to hv bowel movement regularly in morning after breakfast.

The reasons  i had the above conditions may be following:
1. Insufficient water intake - One of the main reason
2. Heavy meals at last night.
3. In take of Vitamin C tablets for very long period of time.
4. Lack of Physical Exercise activities.
5. Sitting Job - Tensions

I guess this may be reasons
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