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Hi, I am a 23 year old woman seeking desperate help. Ever since I can remember I have been suffering with intestinal problems. I was diagnosed with IBS at a very young age. For most of my life I go weeks without having a bowl movement and then am either forced to take laxatives or eventually get extremely sick and it all turns to a liquid and leaves my body. The pain when I get sick is overwhelming. I have tried fiber diets, exercise, drinking more fluids. I took muralax and stool softener a for years and years without results. I have had numerous CAT scans, colonoscopies, and X-rays just telling me the same things over and over. Eventually when I was 16 I was diagnosed with connective tissue disorder and an internal rectal prolapse. They sent me to the mayo clinic and all they had me do was therapy for my prolapse that failed. I progressively have gotten worse and have lost hope on getting help. I have gotten to the point where I have to manually remove stool from my rectum even though it is right near the opening. My body will not allow it to come out. My prolapse ( at least I think it is the cause) causes green discharge that seems to glue everything shut. I am constantly in pain. Just a small amount of gas is crippling. I am in desperate need of some help and I don't know where to look anymore. I feel like my life is in shambles.

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Hey there,Nobody should have to suffer like you,especially at your age.I have similar issues and as icky as it first was enema's have really helped my suffering. Our grandparents used them and believe me in your case they will help.Just don't do the popular Fleet enemas too often as they cause electrolyte imbalance. If you are manually removing your feces you shouldn't worry too much about an enema nozzle.Good luck and Heal well!
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I had IBS for a long time too. My life sucked, I couldn't do anything normal... I went to so many doctors but none could help me. I started to try to heal myself doing a lot of research about my disorder. While doing that I found Dr. Brandeis and his intestinal repair protocol online which finally helped me, just google it. He focuses primarily on eating habits and natural supplements, no chemicals. He advised me which food to eat and what to avoid. My health improved a lot. I feel great now, I totally recommend Dr. Brandeis! All the best to you!
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Don't eat dairy or gluten
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Hey Nicole. Reading your description and all the things you did, one thing I did not see and is the key one which you should have tried. I am greatly surprised your doctors did not recommend you is probiotics. These little bacteria are lets put it the good guys. They live in the intestines and stomach and help to aid digestion. Now bacteria in our body are generally classified into good and bad. The good ones are those necessary for the proper functioning of our system. They even help to attack and get rid of the bad ones.
My advise to you is to straight away start taking probiotics. Sure yogurts and kefir and kombucha are amazing sources of probiotics but for more immediate results, I say go for supplements. Probiotic supplements and to make things easier, I will narrow it down to a specific one which I can personally recommend and that it is Flourish Probiotics by Eu Natural. A combination of natural, healthy bacteria that will support your gut, digestion and urinary system.
Take a look and perhaps give it a shot. So far this is the best solution I can think of and plus drink more water.
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