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Severe IBS and traveling....

I am a middle aged guy with severe IBS, and I am about to travel across the US, and was wondering what issues I might run into?
I have worn adult diapers for the last couple of years anytime I leave the house, and I have always been able to change in a timely manner when there has been an accident, but is that possible while flying? What about getting through security?
Any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance.
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Yomike, I strongly suggest you to consider "low-FODMAP diet" (search online). Basically it means avoiding sugars like glucose, sucrose, fructose and lactose ..one or more of these often cause bloating and diarrhea in people diagnosed with IBS.
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Thank you, I just started to research the "low-fodmap diet", and I can relate to so much of what is said, finally a description to what I've been going through.

To yomike,  been using Imodium for years, especially when I'm going to be away from a bathroom, in an important situation, in public and under stress.
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