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Severe abdominal pain

I have a malrotation of my small intestine.  I have been in extreme pain for more than two weeks now.  All tests have been negative, but I want answers.  I am having a hard time completing day to day activities and am at my wits end... Does anyone know about malrotation and how to treat it?
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Hi, I just saw your message.  I am new to these forums and also to the world of malrotation.  I came apon the fact that I have malrotation by accident by reading an xray report that was included in a request for copies for another medical issue.
To answer your question about what it is and how it is treated I suggest that you do searches of the internet using google.  
Use the search terms of malrotation, malrotation+adult, malrotation+symptoms.  Don't use them all at once just if you don't happen to be getting the hits you are looking for.
That should provide you with lots of articles that are considered reputable that explain the symptoms, what it is and how it typically gets treated.
If you are not finding anything then email me and I can try to help you find information.
I hope that helps.

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