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Should I come home from Mexico?

On Monday 5/17, I had watery diarrhea all day. Later that night, I started getting fever and chills with an oral temp of 101.7. I tested negative for COVID and the fever mostly resolved in the morning so I left for vacation to Mexico. On Tuesday, 5/18, the fever was mostly gone but I still had diarrhea throughout the day. I took half of a Pepsid and Dayquil which helped a little with general malaise and the GI problems. Tuesday night I went out to dinner and had 3 drinks and felt alright until I got back to the room and had more diarrhea. On Wednesday, 5/19, I felt very bad in the morning, now with constipation. I had severe urgency but when I tried to have a bowel movement nothing except a few drops of blood came out. I drank a lot of water and got Pepto-Bismol and an anti-diarrheal called Treda (neomycin-sulfate). I took pepto and drank a lot of water until I had a BM, then I took a Treda which helped. I had two drinks during the day. Later returned to constipated with more blood. At night had a large BM followed by more urgency and constipation. Today felt better but ate breakfast and immediately had diarrhea followed by urgency and constipation again, but less blood today. I am supposed to come home on Tuesday, 5/25, but am wondering if I should come home earlier. The options are to stay and not drink or eat anything that might exacerbate the symptoms and see a doctor on Wednesday of next week; see a doctor here (not close by); get antibiotics at a pharmacy; or change my flight home to Saturday, 5/22 (complicated and expensive but do-able). If someone can please give some advice on how much of an emergency this is and what the best course of action would be, I would be beyond grateful. Thanks.
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Is your blood bright red or dark red? How much are you bleeding?

Is there anyway you can contact your doctor at home that treats your IBS and get advice from them? Is there a doctor that comes to the resort you're staying at (assuming you're staying at one)?

I wouldn't take any antibiotics without knowing if you have a bacterial infections. Side effects of many of them are diarrhea and you don't need antibiotics for a virus or IBS.

Also, just because you tested negative for Covid at that one point in time doesn't mean you don't have covid. You could have tested too early, or that test wasn't accurate. Have you been vaccinated?

If you can, give your doctor a call. Without knowing your total history, I'm really hesitant to tell you to just wait it out since you have bleeding.
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Bright red and just a few drops. I tried making a virtual appointment but since I am in Mexico they cannot practice here so they can’t make an appointment. I tested positive for COVID in December and received both moderna vaccine doses so I think the only way I could have COVID is if it’s some new strain. Hope this helps
They can't talk to you on the phone just to answer some questions or offer some advice? Can you just call and explain things to the receptionist and see what they say?

Bright red and a few drops is most likely hemorrhoids, or from straining or wiping a lot - not uncommon with IBS, right? However, keep an eye on that.

Wow, you've been through it, huh?

If the bleeding increases, or the fever comes back, definitely seek medical advice at the hospital immediately. I can't imagine spending my Mexican vacation holed up in a hotel room eating bland foods, but I guess it depends on how much changing the flights will be.

I really hope your doctor will talk to you just to offer some suggestions.
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