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Stomach Soreness and Pain

I have been having extreme bloating issues as of late.  I sleep good, then as soon as sit up, its like someone switched on an air compressor in my stomach.  Well, now the gas pains have gone however I now have a soreness feeling in my upper stomach area along with my lower back.  Like I worked out my "truck area" or something.  Ive been to Dr, who did an xray and told me to eat 5 prunes aday.  Im a 30yr old male, alittle over weight, but not extreme.  Im also sorta a hypocondriac so this stuff sorta scares me.  Anyways, is it possible to strain your stomach muscles without even knowing it.   I mean I had a difficult bowel movement 2 days ago, but could bloating and a difficult bowel make my "truck" feel like I laid down to do 100 sit ups, or could this be something else?  Any thoughts or past experiences would be appreciated.  Thanks
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Your description of bloating is apparently from intestinal  gas produced by your digestion. Sometimes, your digested food can be delayed in your colon from being expelled as waste. A bowel movement should remove most of the gas. Difficult bowel movements may mean you have chronic constipation. And the more pressure you put on your stomach muscles trying to force your dry bowels to move, the more you feel your stomach muscles tightening. I think if you can first treat your constipation, you can probably decrease the bloating. You apparently need much more than 5 prunes a day to have safe bowel movements. Rock-hard bowels can cut your rectum trying to get out of your colon. Colon washes may help, but they can deplete your necessary electrolytes that regulates your heart and more.

I can suggest a try to help soften your bowels that should lead to a bowel movement. I suggest your purchasing at a pharmacy two Fleet's mineral-oil enemas and one regular Fleet's enema. Use one mineral-oil enema. Lie on a bed and raise your butt higher so the enema can move up your colon. Try this again with the second enema. You may get some partial bowel movement. If so, try the plain enema. You also need to buy a good temporary laxative to keep
matters flowing. Duclolax, 5-mg, is a good, safe laxative. The pills are tiny, so I take three tablets at once for best results. Your bowels should move in 5-6 hours. You must judge how well this action goes, and decide whether you need to repeat what was done. There is a more extreme method to get bowels to move, but you do not want to know.

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From past experience anytime you use muscles in a way their not use to they will be sore.  But there are many things that can cause the gas at night.  How long from the time you eat til you go to bed? What did you eat? Many fruits, vegs and drinks can cause it. Not just beans.  Let me know how you are doing.
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