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Stomach cramps

Every so oftern my stomach swells so large that i could pass for being 5 months pregnant. Im not very regular with my bowell movements sometimes 1 a week. This week i have been in so much pain it feels like a severe period pain(only finished my cycle2 weeks ago) with a bubbling sensationin under the ribs. Im finding it realy hard to sleep at night and in fact to stand up straight due to the pain. Has anyone experienced the same thing?
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I have had so much of the same thing. I cant get anywhere with my family doctor. But the GI doctor I seen in 2007 was wonderful however I haven't been able to get back in to see him for lack of transportation to and from..But make an app. with your family doctor and get to the GI their are some solutions to the problem but you have to be diligent on your quest...Good Luck
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