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Strange smell following me

I've posted same question on OCD board, cause my psychiatrist thought I was nut and obsessive, and people on that board really tried to help me(appreciate them) but nothing is solved yet and I'm so desperate I post here same question again,

It'll be a long post, would u plz spare some time to read it and help me?

1. I used to have IBS always, since infant. Every kind of IBS. But I never had any problem related with smell.
   I sometimes had body odor when I ate spicy food or the summer was too hot, but usually I've been O.k.

2. some years ago, I stayed in a very hot and humid country, so I ate tons of cola and sweets to cool me down, usually i don't like sweet foods, but hot weather changed me.
    and I traveled so many places, had lots of stress.
    Since then, I encountered strange things happening around me; people looking at me puzzled, or 5 minutes after I entered a room the people in there all leave except me, or person sat next to me suddenly change seats to FAR away, or people around me bend their back and hide their faces like there is some fire smoke.
     but I had no idea and didn't care about that things, thinking I'm tired from the travel.

3. After i came back home, things became more noticeable.
   I became sooooo gassy. I am usually gassy person but this was crazy. I was gassy every five SECONDS. and smell was awful. I thought maybe this was the reason people avoided me and was disgusted of myself
   I tried everything to make me normal. Living on nearly only vegetables or fruits, lots of laxatives, or probiotics, I tried everything whatever named 'gut cure'.
   then my gas subsided and smell became manageable.

4. Then, MYSTERY THING started to happen.
    I cured my gas problem somehow but people reacted more furiously, like I am farting 24/7.
    i didn't fart, even if I did it involuntary, it wouldn't be for 24 hours. but people reacted like I smell 24/7.
    first couple of months i couldn't smell myself, but i started to notice random whiff of it.
    It was like dead animal, or rotten sewer, or really nasty fart smell, or just smell of my inside gut. I didn't know where the hell is that coming from.
    I was freaked out. Since I could smell my BO(?) I religiously tried everything to sanitize my gut.

5. about 2 years of trial made me better. the odor emitted from me subsided and people's reaction became less.
   I lived on nearly small portion of grains and lots of vegetable, and some fishes. No sugar, No junk.
   Strange thing is, though the smell become lessened, I vigorously started emit gas or odor through my entire body or pores.
   Even small bit of spicy food or smelly food like onion made me emit some terrible odor to FAR FAR AWAY.
   so people walking ahead 100 meters could smell me and turn around.
   and the smell became more like not HUMAN, it was like sewer or food itself or fecal matter still in my small intestine.
   and I was no more gassy. Gas just seeped out through my body. Not coming out through rear end. (sorry for being graphical)

6. My family or friends or Docs cannot smell me. When I confided this problem to them, one of my friends called me mental. My family and friends are all brutally honest and don't care much about my feelings, they are not lying.
Docs either couldn't smell me even when I could smell entire room is filled with my sewer smell. I know I'm not hallucinating because all patients in the waiting room was looking at me with anger and discomfort. I'm not ugly and I don't usually draw attention, their eyes were saying 'YOU SMELL TERRIBLE'.

7. I did many tests physically, all came out normal. So angered docs got tired of me and kicked me to psychiatrists.
   They can't smell me too. Just five minutes ago passengers in subway covered their nose and glared at me, my shrink just said 'It's in your head'.
    and they prescribed me several anti-depressants or sedatives.
    anti-depressants worsened my symptom, sedatives made me feel better and weakened symptoms, and anti-psychotics made symptom a bit better but side effect was so huge i quit them. Now i only take benzo to manage everyday life. (It doesn't clear the smell, but lessen the density)

8. It's been 5 years and i'm still living in nightmare.
    My family don't approve my problem and family budget became wreck, so my parents forced me to work in their store.
    I lost many customers at my shift. Many people glared at me or laughed at my face or frowned and never came back. Staffs working at my neighbor stores doesn't come anymore. I told this to mother but she denies denies denies, saying 'it is economic crisis'.
   What kind of economic crisis make customers frown and never come back to my store when we are lodged just next to their houses?!!!!!
   I gave up persuading my family and just force myself to go work, cause If I quit we'll have financial problem.
   I have a brother who is 'genuinely psychotic so my parents don't count on', he is nearly 40 but still live with my parents and doesn't work, doesn't socialize with anyone, addicted to online games, doesn't do house chores.
   So my parents depends on me, I can't just quit and become home-bound like my brother.
   While at the same, I'm losing my mother's customers because of my smell.
   Hell loop, isn't it?

9. It's been a long post with lousy grammar, thx for reading this.
    I just don't know what to do. I don't know what the hell is this. No ancient medicines describe this kind of things, no conventional medicine noticed this(though they are starting to notice a bit and named it olfactory reference syndrome)
    I always had IBS. and this seems to related to IBS. But even severe IBS patients don't usually have this.
    Before this symptom started, even when I had terrible diarrhea I didn't emit any odor.
    Now my body seems trying to emit odor no matter what I do. I tried every kind of supplements and tried several traditional medicines, took many many test, even went to psychiatrists. Nothing worked. Only xanax makes me feel a bit better(or make me numb), and being careful not to eat spicy thing works somehow.

10. Now I'm not a walking abomination for 24/7. Some days are good some days are bad. I honestly don't know what is actual trigger.
One day I don't have any odor so customers are so nice to me.(I'm rather good looking and people like my personality)
  then the next day i emit strange odor, customers stop smiling and become rigid face, and never come back.
  I don't know how this store still managed this far while I cleared out entire store with my smell.
  Xanax make the smell less frequent, vegetable or coffee makes the smell less naughty. so I'm basically living on switching xanax and coffee. (weird, isn't it?)
  I'm thinking one day I take xanax and next day have coffee. Taking only one of them doesn't work.

11. Really become long post, this is last paragraph. Today I think I lost another couple of customers. one of them even waved their hand to dishevel the odor. Some said 'what the smell is that....' under their breath. Some coughed or become grimace.
    I don't hope being respected or being liked anymore. I just wish people don't hate me or talk back behind me.
    I just want to die but thinking of my parents I can't.

thanks for reading.
Is there anyone who can help me?
I wish I was mental and everything was just hallucination.
I truly wish I were schizophrenia and I will trade this syndrome with cancer. I MEAN IT.

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Please try this out for a week.

1. At all cost avoid milk and milk products.
2. Treat constipation.
3. Try eating foods that has no flavour or smell      bland kinds of food. No garlic and onion.
4. If you are constipating try enema which will evacuate feaces completely ( use plain water) but ask your doctor first...
5. Detox your body anyday , once a month. That time eat just khitchari (indian recipe made with  rice and lentils)
6. If your symptoms still doesn't subside ...finally go for PRANAYAM ( BREATHING EXCERCISES esp kapalbhati and anulom vilom) Im sure you will get cured....
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This started happening to me when I was 18. I'm 33 and still have the same problem which has not changed in all that time.

I went to DRs and attempted to explain and they sent me away and said everyone farts (of course I know this). I smell bad most of the time, some days really bad. I was diagnosed by 3 Gastroenterologists as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) but that doesn't tell me anything. I've had medical procedures with cameras down my throat and up my backside to check everything is fine. Many test, blood tests etc. I'm healthy. Drs subscribed muscle relaxants to relax my digestion but it makes no difference. I know why - read on.

I’ve seen several counsellors (usually referred by Drs when telling about IBS symptoms such as I smell) who say I don't smell. I like you have had thousands of experiences where people leave the room, I overhear people say I need to wipe my arse, take a ****, don't know when to use the toilet, **** myself, suggest I am gay and have anal sex too much (gay people don’t have this\our issue), and other offensive comments. A few times a group of people have clapped when I've gone to go to the toilet, 1 group was more than 20 people :(  I've quit 2 jobs because of the comments, attempted to take 2 employers to court and settled both, with the employer's denying my claims. I suggest you don't quit your job or run from this issue. Seek support and tell people you have IBS and they will be supportive. If you don't know how to, tell your supervisor you need the afternoon of to see your Dr about your IBS. Your supervisor will tell everyone around you (because they discovered what the problem is) and people will support you.

I am use to cruel comments and have learnt to harden up and cope. I sympathise with you all, some days its hard and causes stress.

I asked my family if I smell and they say no. I became stressed trying to treat a problem I wasn't sure existed because so many people had cause me to doubt myself. All the while having experiences of people moving away, making comments etc.

Fortunately, over the years people have told me to my face I small like ****, you stink, you smell, you smell like poo, try to show me where the toilet is etc. I am thankful for their directness as it is a relief to know I don't have mental issues and my symptoms are real.  Your symptoms are real too.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE and aren’t crazy. The people who you see regularly can't smell you as they get use to the smell. If you work on a farm you don't smell the cow manure after 2 weeks. This is so if you live with people, work with them or see them regularly. That's why after a while people you meet regularly get use to you and don't make comments. That's great, when you are new to a workplace, school, friends, GF, BF, you might have to deal with comments for anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks. If you are worried about a GF\BF, spent a lot of time with them at first and they will adjust. Tell them you have IBS and they will be understanding if they are worthy of you.

Why is this occurring? My theory:
You have a lack of certain bacteria in your digestive tract which are normally present in a normal digestive tract. Why? Gastroenteritis (it can take weeks for the changes to occur – I think this happened to me), antibiotics, processed foods, preservatives, stress, traumatic experience etc. All of these events can cause a permanent loss to bacteria diversity in your digestive tract.

This means, there is an imbalance of bacteria in your digestive tract causing gas and wind. The bacteria were wiped out and will not return without intervention. I explain below why I think this makes us smell.

People smell like us after they have eaten too much gas causing food like beans or sprouts. Having too much air in your digestive tract is causing excessive fermentation\digestion of the faecal matter and you begin to give off an odour. You smell all the time but are not farting all the time. If you've ever smelt rotten egg gas you would know you only need a tiny bit and it stinks.
Too much wind in your digestive tract means the contractions (motion to move food stuff through your bowels) of your digestive tract (medically called peristalsis) doesn't work effectively as the stool is not solid (being mixed with a large amount or air) and the stool is not moved through the digestive tract normally. When your digestive tract contracts to move the stool down, the abundance of air acts as a cushion and stops the stool from compressing properly and moving down. The stool stays in your digestive tract, is mixed with more air and this causes further bacterial fermentation\digestion. And this is how we smell. This is also why we need to go to the toilet often as our stool is not moving effectively through the digestive tract and we only do partial poos in relation to the full digestive tract contractions. I bet by now you're thinking, "yes, yes, yes" this makes perfect sense right? This is also why we are left with the feeling of not completing going to the toilet.

You can replenish the bacteria in your digestive tract through a process called bacteriotherapy. I am not suggesting you do this and take no responsibility; I have no medical qualifications. Whatever you do, you do at your own risk. Bacteriotherapy involves getting a small amount of someone else faecal matter (a tiny amount of their poo mixed with water - 30ml) and inserting it directly into the small intestine by a tube down the throat or into the large intestine through the anus. However, this is not an approved therapy in most countries including mine (Australia). I haven't done this because other people’s stool could make things worse if they have parasites or bacteria is not suitable. Some labs can test poo to make sure its ok. But you would need to get approval from your Dr. Will they do this in your country? Let us know. I've heard its preferable to use children's poo from a relative like your brother, sister, niece, nephew or cousin.

Bacteriotherapy is also used to SAVE PEOPLE'S LIFE who have Clostridium Difficile (C Diff) which is an over-abundance of the bacteria Clostridium Difficile in the digestive tract which prevents absorption of nutrients and after months or years they can die from lack of nourishment. You don't have this unless you’re losing several kilograms a week and you would be hospitalised.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clostridium_difficile

C Diff is occurring far more often now than ever before. I suspect this is for the same reason we have our issue.

There is a new bacteria pill (poo pill) made in Canada via a stool donation made from an approved donor (poo giver) and the sample is washed in a lab and treated to remove harmful bacteria. These pills dissolve when they get into the lower intestine. Taking these pills over a number of weeks can resolve your IBS and the 24/7 smell should disappear as the excessive air in the digestive tract normalises.

I attempted to contact the Dr in charge but he did not return my communication requests. There is hope, so don't give up. If you are in Canada can you let us know if you can get a hold of this treatment?
Anyway come back here and post when you need to.  We can start a support group via email if anyone is up for that?

Take care awesome people!
Im 14 it's horrible I've had it for three years and have lost many friends from this.
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You are brilliant giving sleep monster that advice about poo pills. You explained it well. As an RN in California, I agree that re-inoculation with healthy poo is the cure for IBS. I am also so proud of the other people that responded.  The yin and yang and TMAU advice is excellent. So helpful. I hope sleepmonster replies. We are al here caring. It's nice to know we are not crazy! Or alone.
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Hi, I'm from Korea and I'm bad at English...

I have experienced the same, though I couldn't smell me. I've been experiencing this nightmare of being a disaster since I hit around 16. It's been over 10 years

I couldn't smell me almost every time I release the gas. so I couldn't make intelligent decisions. I have just been in panic. dare I guess you're feeling better than me because you could smell the stench from yourself. you could at least do some analysis by yourself, alone without anyone.

my stuff is somehow related with my emotion and body stiffness and breath, I can release it by increasing the pressure of my stomach and chest and neck and nose-I normally release the poisonous gas through the anus these days- so I usually am very cautious with my body control. I'm nervous every time I hear/see people/vehicle.

I found that I can significantly reduce the release by posing a specific posture in which I can't use my hands and calming down the emotion at the same time, but that's not what humans always do, we need to move, eat, walk, talk and make money. etc.

I am going to use all of my money by going see 10 year experienced digestive system specialist in an advanced hospital in July. If it were not working out my life would be becoming a total wreck.

I'm going to do some ultrasonic test July 7, endoscope stuff in July 12.
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oh, well, anyone has experienced the angry stompers?
they stomps intentionally-I believe almost every one of them did it intentionally- sometimes I release the gas. they live around my apartment or studio apartment.
ridiculous experiences are that I've seen a few people stomping the ground/floor for no reason immediately after I release my gas.

you know, we tend to be shy and ashamed and can't ask directly when they do some ridiculous thing. you know we are avoiding people.
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I meant that I can release the gas through the nose.
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So it's me again, the guy from Finland. I already posted a comment here in September 2013. There's two weeks of summer break left anymore and then the school starts again. I just made up my mind to update my situation so that everyone can read it as well. It'd be great if we started a support group (maybe on Facebook) cause I know that some days can be really tough and those days it would be great to share your feelings to others that are having the same issue. For instance, I can't talk to my parents or any other relative, friend etc. Well, I tried to talk about this with my parents but they claimed the fact that I smell even though I've noticed that my Mom sniffs a lot when I'm close to her so I think she lies to me.

Anyway, it's good to know that there are people suffering from this problem.  Just keep your head up!
hi... i dont know if you visit here anymore but i'm IBS person from Finland too... i leave my email address to you..if you wanna talk...
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I made a google+ community for people experiencing the same nightmare. but I've found that medhelp.org doesn't allow you to post including some URL link.
so... anyone would like to join the google+ community, go to the Google Plus site and search "Strange_Smells_Following_People";
it's the name of the community at the moment. I will appreciate if any native English speaker suggest better name.
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if no search result is presented, click the 'communities' in the upper bar at the search result page
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alestico, I think some people won't catch the scent but still get some bad effect from the gas as my mother and sister... and your mother maybe
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When this nightmare appeared  :
...about 10 years ago, I've been depressed by this torment since then

Types of people who are affected by this gas :
...have difficulty in breathing
...get a headache or feel like vomiting
...snivel or sneeze
...get annoyed or get irritable

A little rare types :
...I am sorry the most for this type of people: who make groaning sounds consistently like a person with Tourette's
...stomp with one foot, even in a train or on the asphalt paved road
...speak shortly including a word like '생화확무기'(bio-chemical weapon), '구린내'(foul smell), '똥'(****), '냄새'(smell), '쩐내'(seasoned smell), '방구'(fart), donkey, ****.

The things I experience on a daily~weekly basis (I mean, frequently) :
...neighbors being in the upper/lower/same floor convey noises through the wall/floor/ceiling consistently whenever I release the gas (about 20 times a day, but in some periods more than 100 times)
...people near me sneeze when I strain some muscles around the pelvis
...Koreans make a noise like 'sshhhhh' or 'ssssst' when I release the gas

  Some actions I could do when I want to annoy others :
...just putting some air around the abdomen muscles, without some releasing action
...strain some muscles around the pelvis, or from nose to upper stomach

About food :
...I can't prevent the making of this poisonous gas by making out some diet menu, but some food make me feel bad and when I feel bad I make more gas, so I avoid to eat some types of beans, cucumber, raw tomatoes, etc.

What I tried in order to cure this problem :
...the most helpful one is : that calming down while keep a mind of avoiding packing some air around the abdomen muscles.
...meditations involving breathing are likely to make the poisonous gas problem
...meditations involving putting mind on around the abdomen part make the gas problem to happen
...Acupuncture + Traditional Korean Oriental Potion for a few months: just a little hope in my mind
...different Traditional Korean Oriental Potion for about 3 months; a little stamina boost with a little hope in my brains
...brief simple hypnosis : invigorating emotion refreshes me for about a couple of hours
...remote exorcism had been super refreshing for about 1 hour but the problem was still there in reality
...colonoscopy and gastroscopy from a doctor with 10-year career : no matter found
...electrocardiogram, abdominal sonography, blood, blood serum, x-ray film(torso) : no matter found
...라시도필capsule{Bacteria Culture of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus R0011 and Lactobacillus Acidophilus R0052} + 이리보정(ramosetron hcl) taking : ramosetron hcl made my excrements harder and I enjoyed it, ramosetron hcl prevented the soft excrement that happened occasionally. These two seem to reduce the amount of natural fart a little, and make a little hope in my brains

What I am curious about :
...how much confirmation-bias have I done? I omitted the big vehicle thing because it is more likely to be the biased confirmation. they naturally discharge the compressed air even when I am not close to them.
...most of people don't react, I wonder what they recognize and what they don't recognize
...who cares this text, this eccentric thing, most of people would ignore this text.
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my try on the bowels hadn't been successful. (hell, I paid through the nose!) as sleepmonster said she is getting help from Xanax, I decided that my next target is my limbic system in my brains. good luck guys.
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a man that has made some sound like 'sssssst' with his mouth quite a few(6~12) when I released the gas said he has not felt something bad when he was accompanying me, so... I believe that a quite large amount of people don't consciously catch the scent but still react physically (sneeze, head ache, etc)
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I'm twenty, a girl. It started for me about 2, 1/2 years back. I didn't have any gas issues before that. All kinds of smell. I've noticed my sleeping pattern affects the 24/7 farting thing. I need to make sure that I sleep for at least 8 hours and get into bed before 8am, then the frequency of farts come down to 1 every 1/2 hour, which is manageable.

Family doesn't believe me and insist I'm making it up and I'm psyco. Which is stupid. Who makes up farting 24/7? Nobody wants to be that disgusting. Seriously.

Also, no meat, no chocolate, cream, cheese, etc. None at all.

I'm actually going to give up on food and just drop to only a pear fruit in the morning that's kind of alkaline and soup for the rest of the day with sago seed and fibre powder as a diet plan on school days because the teachers, students and friends really can't stand it. Doctors are being useless about it.
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  Here's the solution you may still be waiting for...  It’s your gut man.  Between antibiotics killing beneficial gut bacteria and the chemicals that are in almost ALL modern foods from hamburger helper to restaurant food to baby food… the delicate eco system in our intestines has been disrupted.  Your intestines require what are called “helpful” bacteria in order to process food, that’s why you see so many probiotics on the market.  This disruption causes some helpful bacteria to die in which case one of the other bacteria over grow or baker’s yeast from breads aka Candida take over and cause damage to the intestinal walls.  What this means for your scent is you end up with putrefying waste in your damaged intestines and in your blood stream and ultimately coming out your pores and/or when you use the toilet or pass gas.  What this means for your mind is you end up with chemicals, inadequately digested food particles, and waste leaking through the damaged intestinal walls and traveling through the blood.  The chemicals may reach the brain if they are able to cross the blood/brain barrier, which then triggers brain cells to turn on without anything to do, those brain cells cause anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, and in some people seizures.  As for the waste and poorly digested food in your blood, your body is of course not supposed to have these things in your blood, and before your liver or kidneys can filter them out your body has identified them as a threat, created antibodies, and is attacking them.  This “war” going on inside your body causes inflammation that not only contributes to IBS in the gut but causes arthritis, acid reflux, and other inflammatory diseases depending on where the food particles are when the antibodies attack them.
  So ultimately, you might stink because of IBS, or you might be oversensitive to beliefs about what other people are thinking because your mind is overstimulated because chemicals or food particles are reaching your brain because once again… because you have IBS.
  So, only eat chicken and fish and vegetables.  That will stop you from continuing to damage the gut.  Then you must find a way to heal the gut.  This is where I am learning right now.  I am trying Green Smoothies, IgG Allergy Testing, the diet I suggested, Beef Collagen or Bone Broth, L-Glutamine, working with a naturopath(often chiropractors if you are having trouble finding one), and I might try Dr. Dahlman’s regimine from his site(we’ll see, I’m always skeptical).

If your gut is unhealthy then what is likely to happen?  Anything.

The Body’s 2nd Nervous System in the Gut – It produces much of the body’s serotonin aka the stuff that you take anti-anxiety meds (Xanax, Paxil, etc.) for:

You see it holds true from over 2000 years ago when these words were written... “All Disease Begins in the Gut” ~ Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

MSG (and possibly aspertame sweetener) and how it affects the brain
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I have the exact same thing. It's not in my head. Family and doc's said they can't smell anything but coworkers leave the office when the smell is worse. Some have even said that girl smells.

I have had IBS all my life. But this smell problem started in 2012 after food poisoning. I think I had a poor gut flora (despite rounds of probiotics) and the wrong bacteria proliferated. Just before the smell gets worse I usually feel physically worse, rapid heart rate and strange anxiety I never had before.

It is worse if I eat less often. Green veggies with a sulfur compound in them makes it worse too. I have had heard we smell our own body odor much stronger then others. I have always been sensitive to smell but I had a nice fresh odor. Now it is more a sewer smell. I have had many tests and endoscopy and colonoscopy which were all normal. I have bloating and pain especially on the right side. Doc's are no help.

I went on cipro and keto (I had nothing to lose) and things got better. I feel better and strong and more physically active but a little tired from the anti's but stronger.  When I go off over time it comes back, probiotics make me feel worse.

I saw a documentary on people with colitis (and read studies about testing with mice) with IB problems and they were given a surgery where part of the small intestine from a healthy person was sewn into the unhealthy person's gut and the IB problems went away. So I think there is something to the bacteria therapy. If I would try it if I could.

So for now curry food (which when cooked well seems to help) and on and off cipro is all I have. It ***** I am not social at all anymore. Who wants to go dancing when they smell and don't feel good?

Please post if you find an answer or solution. You are not alone.

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DOCTOR TO CURE YOUR IBS BELOW Hello all I'm a 20 yr old woman living on Long Island. My IBS has been a complete horror. Between everlasting hospital visits, endless doctors, stagnant odors, not being able to attend work or class and even lack of a social life I have been suffering since 5 years old. My IBS was so bad that my internal large and small intestines have been inflamed. Then I met a miracle doctor. He put me under chiropractic care and he is 1 out of 2 of his kind. He understands the relationship between the Vegas nerve and the body. Also he gets the fact that medication will not heal this disease. He also understands how toxins create odor and more disease. I am loving proof that there is a cure. Infact I'm on my way to see a show in Manhattan right now and back to my life as a young woman. He is the smartest human being I know. Look up the relation to the Vegas nerve and IBS harvard has now caught onto it after all of these years. This doctor is located on Long Island and his number is 631-476-7330 and his name is James Masone. He is a family man and actually is passionate about his work. He is so dedicated to helping people. he also is in touch with the one other doctor that practices like he does.
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Hi KerriAnn
Thank you for your post. I have similar symptoms with smell. Your chiro has done a miracle!
Are you still symptom free?
What is the exact treatment you followed with Dr Masone?
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well i have ibs for a long time now and i feel as though it is eating me alive i just wish there is a cure cuz right now i am out of options i believe in GOD and that he will help but it is soooo hard to have FAITH when u try to believe n it blows up infront of your face. Ican identify with the strange orders i have too but i smell mine when i start to sweat and involuntary release of gas just makes it worse i dnt smell mine but a lot of ppl always b like oooh farted anytime i am around and a lot have placed a label on me ,,,i understand when the doctors try to make u seem like u suffer from some mental illness i have been through tht and my involuntary flatulence occurs atleast once a day but if i eat food or stress or anxiety it tends to act up i mostly starve myself to the point tht i have lost a lot of weight it hurts so bad i even have nightmares i am ALWAYS ALWAYS scared to be around people i have fog memory i am tired almost all the time and gassy almost every second...i have constipation a lot i even have a pile on my anus and sometimes when i get all tense i have this inflammatory feeling around my anal area life is sooooo hard i mean for me it makes me feel less of a human and i mean this alone can ruins someone's life................i have had COUNTLESS embarrassment and i am scared to think of what to come....i have had my teachers make joke about me infront of my face and prob like three teachers who have openly laughed at me i have had classmates riducule me n tell me straight up you smell like s**t i have had my own friends tell me i do n even laughed at me i mostly always sad never really felt really happiness in a long time i mean i am scared to live life everyday tht i wake up but i knw life has to go on and soooooo many times i have contemplated suicide but i knw where i will end up if i do and tht is the only thing stopping i am soooooo miserable most of the time but i have to play dumb and act as if i knw not what ppl thinkor my current situation tht i am facing i think i  have had an involuntary release of gas around EVERY guy i had a crush on since the problem arose so imagine the embarrass i feel just to see them again esp. if they had a crush on me too it just turns them off but even tho i faced all of this i mean i cry almost everyday but i do feel a sense of calmness in my house alone with just ma mom and my sis and i am still hoping it goes away even though i have been knocked down soooo many times by the thought we just have to hope it goes away and pray to GOD constantly and Worship him even tho it hurts cuz i knw it hurts to even a point u would wonder if he exists u will wonder if he really hears u or if he even cares cuzi have reached tht point so many  times but i look back at all the things he has done and realize he cares but i just dnt what this is for but i am looking at it has a lesson tht i really want to end tho
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I am so sorry for your suffering. :-(
FIRST, we all need validation of what we already know it's true:
1. When going to the doc, take 3 people who have witnessed(smelled) your problem, from different areas of you daily life--example, teacher, close family member, co worker, customer. Or create yourself a letter statement they can sign by describing the smell. THIS WILL BE YOUR EVIDENCE
2. Once you have this validation, treat yourself as if you have a PARASITIC INFESTATION all throughout your system and do the Doctor Hulda Clark Treatment Protocols for parasites, and lifestyle and diet changes. Do google searches on parasites. Google specific questions such as 'can parasite waste make me smell,' etc. each person is different find your own answers and solutions.  Parasite cleansing of your whole system will take about 3 years, so be CONSISTENT AND PERSISTANT. Learn to soak all fruits, vegetables and meats in three percent hydrogen peroxide to avoid re infestation. Repair the lining of your GI with green smoothies with papaya and bananas.   Google for answers on how to do these things. Print all information and keep a folder.
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Sorry about your suffering. I have been thinking about you all week and did lots of reading on the subject:  Google DYSBIOSIS and read the research papers. They are hard to read but not impossible to understand. Google Trimethyl-aminuria (I added the - to help you pronunce). Read first the study, "Trimethylaminuria: Causes and Diagnosis of a Socially Distressing Condition"
Also, go to dr oz website and write about your problem. Ask him to have a segment of this problem in his TV show to create awareness. Remember that the show is owned by a very powerful and caring woman. Reach out to her also for help.
Follow my suggestions on the previous post.
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I have the same problem where I constantly fart, have leaky gas and smell of fart. Even when I dont feel like farting i smell myself and think of that horrible fart smell. And sometimes I think theres even that sewer smell lingering in the air. When I'm alone also, in my room i can smell myself. I try to convince my parents and family of this but they dont want to accept the fact that it really is a problem that should be dealt with. I am tired of everyone holding their breaths and covering their nose all the time. I hate having to act like nothings happened when in my head im constantly reminded of this problem that i have. Im 20 yrs old and a female. I think it started when I was 15. Of all problems, I ask myself why this?? and I used to be sensitive to bad smells and never farted before this. I have only a number of friends and am always looking the internet for answers. I feel so sorry for being around people and letting them feel discomfort with my farts/fart smell. I've been trying to diet and restrict from eating carbs and sugar (except for occasional fruit) but it is soo hard. sometimes i also save inspirational quotes in my phone to remind me to be hopeful and strive. And i also go to the website mytummytantrum which helps. If anyone who deals with a similar problem and wants to be friends im here. good luck to all.
I'm 15 now and me and mother is suffering from "it"
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hey buddy even i have the same problem ,i have noticed there is smell but not sure if this was it but the  behaviour of peoples are just like yours i just wanted to know if there is any improvement in ur way bcoz this is just the start and i want to clear it now .i am facing hell ,i havent yet asked otherws what i smell like but maybe i will please tell me if theres is any improvemnt in ur way at ***@**** .please help
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Hi, I just read your comment from the post about having bad smells and IBS and I was wondering are you still suffering from this awful disease?
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I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one...
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Hey ...are there ppl around still suffering from this? Ive started therapy sincemy fam and bf say they dont smellanything & so itmust all be in my head,but Im not so sure. In fact Im starting to believe my anxiety & paranoia all stem from this horrible problem. Im trying to work up the nerve to go back to my doc's, taking notes on all my symptoms and possible causes and solutions because if they just tell me Im crazy again Im actually going to kill myself. This isnt living...
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Are you still having this problem?I need help really bad
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45 and have been having this same exact problem (more acutely the past 6 mos or so).  No other person admits or seems to realize it, but it definitely smells like something is rancid, leaking out of my pores and especially through my feet.  I have IBS and my only symptom of that is a pain in my right lower abdomen.  Drs treat me like this is a mental case, not a bodily malfunction.  SO FRUSTRATING.  I am now eating to kill off Candida in my digestive system, eating no yeast, sugar or dairy.  I pair this with nightly foot soaks (epson salt, baking soda, bragg's apple cider vinegar and fresh ground ginger < most important ingredient, I think).  I also do weekly "sweat baths" for 20 mins (same ingredients, but x10, b/c its in a bathtub and I'm trying to get my whole body detox'd).  I submerge under the water up to my neck for as long as possible in as hot of water as possible and then when I get out, I cover up head to toe in a robe and towels to prolong the sweat for another 30-40 minutes.  These foot soaks and bath sweats are a life saver, while I am working to kill off the bad bacteria (Candida) in my system.  I do take supplements also, but that is a newer development and I've not realized the benefits of doing so just yet.

My heart goes out to you and I wish you'd post an update to those of us who empathize with you.  I appreciate reading everyone else's thoughts, ideas and concerns.
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Please take it easy...I have felt so desperate with this same issue and I understand how your quality of life is suffering, I really do.  Please read my post a few minutes ago and reply back to me if you have any questions.
Mandatory diet adjustments:  stop all yeast, sugar and dairy.  Google Candida cleanse or Candida and read up on how to work to get your body's bacteria levels back in balance.  Stick to it and don't give up.  The more you kill off the bad bacteria through diet changes and through detoxing (foot soaks and bath sweats), the more manageable it becomes.  Hang in there and write anytime you need support.
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I have had the same thing happening to me. The odir was like a mix of tarnished silver or copper with an old onion odor. Severe cramping, cold sweats, and vomiting were a common thing with every morning BM. I felt lethargic, had night sweats, anxiety was unmanagable and thought I was dying. I began to read about bowel dosorders being linked to antibiotic and steriod use. I realized this all began because I had four courses of prednisone very close together. It killed all beneficial gut flora and Candida Albicans took over. The moment I began taking FloraStor, sacromyces boullardi gave me die off symptoms. It is the only probiotic that worked for it. I still have some symptoms when I skip a couple days but the anxiety attacks, night sweats, gut cramping, cold sweats, gas, heart palpitations, and foul odor have dissipated. Limit carbs, sugar, and junkfood, take S.Boulardi, fiber, food grade oregano or lavender oil and Molybdenum supplements with hot showers to help with die off symptoms. It ***** but its worth it to feel normal again. Good luck!!
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all of those things happened to me too.
literally from 1-11
i was in highschool when this started
and imagine all the bullying i got during those times
even my own best friend joined in with the bullying
i couldn't even believe how i manage to went through all that
without pursuing suicide
it was never about the endless farting but the STIGMA itself...
people are really cruel sometimes
there were harsh comments thrown at me everywhere
i've been called walking toilet, poop girl, **** and diaper lady
i isolated myself from everyone since then and sadly,
i'll be 26 this year and i'm still unemployed because of this problem
my parents keep asking me what was wrong with me
and what would i do with my life if i keep on living like a hermit
and whenever i told them the reason
they just keep ignoring me like they don't believe me
they said it's all in my head
there were times when i wanted to die because of this
but i can't...i love my parents so much...i can't do that to them

i really related when you said " I will trade this syndrome with cancer. I MEAN IT. " because at least then, there are chances for cure...

Colloidal silver will help...research it.
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Hey am sorry for you but have my contact if you want help may be i can help whrite me at ***@**** and remind me about this i can have some discusion with you may be it would help.
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Okay people, i have this problem that the original poster described perfectly for at least 13 years from when i was 14, tried everything and i can tell you the following:
- It is not in your head, you are not insane.
- Don't try alternative **** that's not based on science, its all ******** and they just take your money without any or with little results.
- Don't try to "detox" its ********.
- Don't do enemas it will help in the sort run but will make it worse on the long run.
- Alkaline diet is ******** our body's defense is acid!
- Try to eat only proteins and fats. No carbs at all. I suggest nuts and chicken meat with vegetables(green peas, carrot zucchini, paprika, eggplant, little onion).
- Don't even think about alcoholic drinks!
- Avoid all sugars especially Fructose(fruits)! Honey is sugar!
- Avoid POTATO, Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Tomato, Fresh Garlic, Eggs, Beans, Mushrooms, Soy.
- Avoid sugar-alcohols(Polyols). They are in toothpaste too.
- Only sweeteners that are allowed: Sodium-cyclamate, Sucralose and Acesulfame K.
-  Avoid anything that is made of milk or contains milk.
-  Watch out for products that contain dextrose, soy, or modified starch.
-  Always read every label on products.
-  Some probiotics may help, but some of them may even make it a lot worse.
- There is only one med that made me almost completely free of symptoms it is called Fluconazole. Though I cannot get any more of it because my doctor thinks I have a mental problem like some of you wrote.
- It is contagious, I have it confirmed, though it takes years for others to develop the symptoms. It spreads with air and touch/saliva. I made sick at least 12 people now, they were all normal ppl and now have almost all my symptoms.
Good luck not killing yourself, Im not sure I will not do it.
Oh and one more thing, try to test if the smell comes from your nose! I bet some of you will be surprised!
Does anybody live in Washington? Maybe we can hook up and help each other.... The truth hurts but I don&#39;t mind helping find alternative s. Good luck if not. Let me know.
Im from hungary. Sadly.
I second the use of a strong probiotic. Its possible that you have partially digested food sitting in your colon. Avoid red meat and any greasy food first. Chew at least 25 times per bite and drink a half glass of alkaline water with every meal. Take probiotic before bed. There are some gentle tummy massage techniques used on babies that you could do on yourself as well.
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I have all of the identical symptoms of original poster also, and yes...I can often smell the smell coming from my nose, I don't even know how to describe the smell, it is putrid, maybe something like rotting fish combined with the smell of the pus from a boil that cats get I have never smelt anything like it; I am a 65 year old female and use to notice it occasionally when I was a teenager, especially if I was in a stressful situation. I have always had a very touchy digestive system and did suffer from IBS in my younger years. I now suffer from gastritis and Barrett's Esophagus so I am guessing it has something to do with the stomach not digesting food correctly. I have tried every diet on earth I think, a multitude of different vitamins, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, you name it I have tried it...but I have discovered being constipated as I am more often than not, definitely makes it worse and definitely being stressed out eg: unfamiliar situations , exams, tests, confrontation and anger all make it much worse. It is absolutely shocking the affect this condition has on one's life and my heart goes out to each and every one of you who are battling this monster. I will keep experimenting and if I should manage to discover the answer you can be sure I will be straight back to let everyone know, take care good people and God Bless each and every one of you.
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I have the same problem since i was 14. Has anyone tried nexium? Ive been feeling a little more comfortable since I been taking it although i know its doesn't cure the problem. But i feel a little safer when it comes to eating food. I havent had as many episodes since i been taking nexium. Ive been feeling a little more confidence since i been using it. I urge you to try it to see how hit works for you. Good luck.
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Colloidal silver will help...research it and be sure to take in lots of fiber and water. It will help to rid the body of the odor causing ailment.
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Try refaximin tablet 550mg. 2 times a day for 10 days. It will kill gut becteria.
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You could try Chlorophyll. Also, you may want to consider that maybe you're being too self-conscious. I'm not saying that you don't have an odor, but maybe you're the only one to actually notice it because the odor is coming from the inside out. If that makes any sense. Also, you mentioned that when you don't have an odor people react differently to you than when you do have an odor. That could be because, subconsciously, when you're feeling like you smell horrible, you may be acting self-consciously or oddly with people; whereas, when you are not smelling yourself, you are feeling more confident, and you probably aren't giving off any weird or uncomfortable vibes. Also, you may want to consider when do you start to smell these odors? Is it when you're by yourself or is it out in public? Does your body give off this odor when you are relaxed, or does it give off this odor when you are uncomfortable? The reason why you want to ask yourself these kinds of questions is because there's a reason why your family and friends don't smell the odor that you're referring to. So, basically, my guesses are: 1) the smell exists enough for you to smell; however, it is not as bad as it may seem. Which is why doctors and loved ones tell you they don't smell anything. However, because you can smell this odor, you are super self-conscious which is making you act in an odd way to other people (customers, etc). 2) You're body gives off this odor when you are being self-conscious or uncomfortable, which is why none of your loved ones actually smelled it because you are fine/comfortable with them, and when around other people you get self-conscious or uncomfortable, and your body is giving off a really bad odor that others (customers, etc) can smell.  Hope this helps!
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I have same thing and I'm at my wits end. Have you found anything to help,lessen the symptoms?
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I have the same problem, *** female, what i do is take bubble baths and while I&#39;m laying back in the tub i push water I&#39;m my vagina, and let it flow out, yu can also try putting a little apple cider vinegar in the water. That really help me out a whole lot. I was very self conscious of the smell as well but since I&#39;ve been just letting the water flow up my vagina. I don&#39;t smell anything
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I have the same problem too. I am going to try colloidal silver and see if that works and I am also going to try colon hydrotheropy
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I don't know if you're still here but I have the same thing you have and have had it for Three years.its horrible all I hear is "why does it smell like ****" and people sniffing for some reason. When it first happened I barley noticed it just people sniffing for some reason then one day someone came up to me and told me. After that I was worried and told my parents they told me that I was paranoid or just worried and to stop thinking about it same with my useless doctor. A few months after that I lost a lot of my friends from this stupid ******* problem. think what caused it was eating spicy food because I love it but I'm not sure and at this point I don't care. It's been happening so long that I'm used to it but not in a good way just like I accept that it has to be like this its terrible. I'm a freshman and the same stuff is still happening every single day. If this stuff ever Happens to you go tell someone that will actually listen and try to fix it so you don't ruin your life like I did.
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OH MY GOD you have exactly the same problem as I do I&#39;m a 19yr old male and have suffered this for around about 7 months it&#39;s as if it happened one day and won&#39;t go away I was perfectly normal/ happy before this and now it&#39;s completely ruined my life I&#39;ve lost all my friends as they think I&#39;m mad as I&#39;ve asked the countless times if I smell and they all say no but at random times I would get &#39;it smells like **** in here&#39; or rotting flesh on one occasion I too worked in a shop and had the exact same experiences, I&#39;ve now moved away and got rid of a lot of stress in my life and turned vegan it has notcibly calmed down but not gone by a long shot I can&#39;t smell it myself but I can pick up on strangers cues. Thought it could be a nasal infection but realised the sheer amount of people the have commented on it or acted when they have smelt it please anyone if there is a cure or even diagnosis I&#39;d be over the moon this has made me turn from a very sociable young adult into a wreck that is slowly getting over suicidle thoughts I can&#39;t say if these thoughts will go away if I have no cure.
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I have a similar problem we should have lunch. Probably not possible... damn.  I shower more often have cleanest clothes it still prevents employment its demoralizing on duty . u guys ever try toothpaste on rectum helps for a little bit.ill share that my problem makes people a little sick.  
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I had the SAME exact problems from the IBS to the same smell that my doctors or family apparently couldn&#39;t smell. High school was the worst :/ But after searching eveywhere and visiting 8 DIFFERENT doctors, I came across a post describing my exact symptoms. The guy in it said he was diagnosed with mucosal prolapse which explained his smell. I did more research on rectal prolapse and all the symptoms matched up. I went to 2 other doctors before I found a colon and rectal doctor that pretty much confirmed it. I had to do an MRI that basically showed I had rectocele which is basically a prolapse so I was right. Turns out there is treatment for this that'll get rid of the embarrassing odor right away. You should definetly find a good colorectal doctor and tell them you think you have a rectal prolapse. Good luck!
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It's sexual abuse !!! No cure
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Wow maybe it is a prolapse :) I hope I can get cured of this its destroying my life
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Hi guys, i'm 14 years of age and sadly i'm still getting this problem. It only started last year and i'm pretty sure I have IBS. My parents, family and my friends all say that there isn't a smell and it led me to believe that I might've been schizophrenic or something. But I know that can't be true because people always try to avoid sitting next to me in class apart from my friends. People also laugh, and one time this particular girl kept going "Ew, what's that smell?" to mock me and embarrass me. They must think that i've pooed myself, and I sorta wish at this point someone in my class would generally ask why I smell so bad just so I can say it's my IBS. I had anxiety already, and this just made it worse. It's wrecked my life and I even told the counsellour about it, but again, she claimed she couldn't notice anything. I really need a cure because it makes me disgusted with myself, I don't exactly feel human and i've thought about suicide because of it. Right now i'm taking Probiotics for it for Holland and Barrett and they have 10,000 good bacteria in one of the capsules. However, it's my third week taking them now and they've yet to work. They've gotten rid of my stomach cramps from drinking energy drinks but that's about it. I'm not sure how long they're meant to take to work but it would be fantastic if anyone could tell me if they knew. I feel as if what triggered my IBS and the bad odour was cannabis, I had started smoking it last year in the summer and that's about when it started to occur. I thought hardly any of it at the time. Then I continued to smoke it, thinking there was no problem. Now when I smoke it, the smell is REALLY bad so I had to stop. I'll let you all know if the Probiotics end up working. For now i'm just going to have to make due since I only have two weeks left of school until the summer holidays, though the stench of it has gotten worse very recently and I think it's because of the heat. I really do symphasise with any of you going through this, please remember none of this if your fault and if anything does say anything, you're not the one to blame for this problem. We're all human, and illness or not, you still mean a lot.
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I had a stinking **** condition for past two years.i dont know if thats the same ibs but i had difficulty in holding feces and gas.it all happened after a 1 year long very stressfull condition.(i was preparing for a very competitive exam)

If you stay in stinky place for long you'll notice the smell fades. I think thats the reason why my family didnt notice the odour. I heard few  people complaining the odour.
I am writing this to share how i cope to this condition , you may use it as well.
Buy an ointment for piles.empty the ointment,what you need is the tube.after defecation wash anal area,fill the tube with water and squeez the water into the rectum.expel the water as in defecation.repeat this 4 to 5 times.the objective is to clean the rectum out of feces.by this way the smell will reduce well so that no one can notice the smell.
Make sure to keep the tube hygene by washing with soap.
Its a self discovered technique. I have been using this for two years. No side effect or infection found. Hope this will useful to you.
Never loss hope. Have a good life.
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