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Suffering for too long

Hi everyone, I've had what the doctors have claimed to be IBS for two years now and it's really starting to get me down, I feel like I can't do anything anymore without worrying about feeling ill, I'll ho through stages of everything I eat making me feel sick, and stages where only random things will, my stomach gets cramps and is constantly bloated, even if I drink one sip of water in burping for an hour after or get terribly painful trapped wind.

Sometimes when I feel ill I get this feeling in my stomach that I can only describe as a feeling of being absolutely starving! I know I'm not because I have eaten but it feels like an emptiness in my stomach, like something's burning away inside me! I try to eat to stop the feeling but I feel to sick to even try and drink any water, my throat feels like it swells up and even swallowing is a difficult task as it makes me feel worst, I'm just so sick of this now, I've just started to steady my weight but I went from a uk size 16 to a 12 in 6 months, I could barely eat a thing, I'd just like to start feeling better, it's starting to control my life now.

I also have a huge phobia of vomiting, I've thought that maybe this was something to do with it as I worry myself a lot about it, but it's got to be something else, I've had blood test, endoscopy, stool samples done in which they found blood, urine tests, the lot but the doctors just keep telling me it's IBS.

I'd really appreciate some advice from a doctor on here or from someone that's having the same problems
Thank you so much
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I totally understand where you are coming from. I have ben struggling with feeling nauseated daily for 2 years now and the doctors told me it's just IBS as well. I know the feeling of always feeling sick, not having a life, and feeling like your illness is controling your life. Did your doctors give you any medication to help with your nausea? I was on Zofran for a while which really helped and now I take promethazine. There are a lot of different antinausea medications out there so if your not on one I would talk to your doctor about starting one. They make life a little more tolerable. I am not a doctor but I am a nurse who understand how you feel. Also peppermint oil and star anise oil really help with the nausea as well.
I hope you start to feel better! If you have any questions about the medications or oils just message me back!
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