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Suffering from bad BM from years

I, a female in mid thirties,  am suffering from smelly Gas from the time I can remember. Grew up eating beans, wheat, milk based diets. I remember having swollen eyes in childhood next day of beans. After started cooking for myself, replaced milk with soy milk for 3 years - stomach condition has been off and on.

Every morning I have to make many trips for BM and night time I  am bloated and passing stinky gas without any luck with BM. After learning about Estrogen effect of soy milk - stopped taking any milk. 3 years ago on a foreign trip I get Ameoba infection. After that my problem is even worse (infesction was treated with many course of antibiotics abd result showec all good). My poop is pasty , splattered in toilet. Spicy and sauces based food or restaurant foods make it worse - having loose motions. Now going every morning 5-6 times still there is always this gasy pressure. Sometimes try to avoid going due to rush or whatever  (public toilets etc. A bigger concern earlier
)  which makes it worse by the end of the day. These days having burp situations to in the evening or day time- lots of pressure in chest being released after burp or hick ups (less common) -socially awkward issue.  

I always had high anxiety levels. I had postnpartum deppression 4 years ago. In general my emotional health is slave of my environment ( which unfortunately prone to many ups and downs). I have sedantry job and weather is not pleasing for 6 months too for outdoor
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Suggestions:   Drop dairy, wheat products, probably soy too.  Try probiotics for a week or two to be able to form better stool (enzymatic pearls, blue/white box, has worked very well for my family, especially whenever taking antibiotics).   If manageable, I urge sticking with whole food and home cooking.

Beans are one of my main food staples (I use 8 lb bags of dry desi chick peas; several days' worth at a time:  soak overnight, rinse, and for 3-4 days rinse twice a day so they sprout, then steam cook for 30 minutes or so; store surplus in fridge).  No flatulence concerns (but then, I'm thoroughly used to them).

May I message you with a list of my posts containing anxiety coping tips?
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Sure, Thanks for the response. I am getting the food intolerance test done too. I will share the results here.
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Thetd had been days when I only pass mucus with gas in washroom. Also my motion is always pasty and occassonaly worm like.
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I was suffered from Ibs 2 years. Now have cured  it myself. If you sure you are suffering from IBS and no other midical problems, I am sure you cam cure it by doing following things. 1. Dont drink water at least for 30 min after having meal. Ideally 1 hr is best. You can have one swip of water if you condt control.2. Eat at least two cucumers per day. Chew it until it becomes jelly. 3.Dont put pressure on stomach and dont sit for longer times. 4. Take fiber rich food. Walking least 30 min per day is important. 5. Dont prefer to sleep on sides. 6. Most important thing, when you feeling to go toilet dont stop it even for minute.

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