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Total Colectomy for diverticulitis?

I am a 61 year old woman. I am fit and am a young 61. I have had at least 3 bouts of acute diverticulitis starting at age 51.  I have seen a surgeon as well as my primary care doctor and a gastroenterologist. I was scheduled for a sigmoid colon resection  in mid August 2009. But before that could be done I developed diverticulitis again, only this time it was on the right side of my colon, or my ascending colon.  I was hospitalized for 5 days and luckily the infection healed without a perforation. I should add that none of my acute diverticulitis episodes required surgery.    After this last acute diverticulitis episode my group of doctors felt that I needed to heal and the surgery was cancelled.  I am scheduled for a colonoscopy now, so that they can develop a Plan of Treatment for me.   One option that is being considered is a total colectomy.
I am very concerned about this. I have read about open surgery and laparoscopic ileorectal anastomosis, ileoanal anastomosis, ileostomies.   Are there other options availble?

Since I have not experienced diverticultis in my transverse colon, is it possible to attached my ileum to the transverse colon and attach my transverse colon to my rectum, thereby given me some hope of a normal life following the surgery?  
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