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Very loud gurgling/sloshing abdominal sound below bottom left rib area when pressed?

For the past 7 months, I've been having this constant bloating/gurgling on the left side only. The loud sloshing sound can be heard when pressed on or just breathing deeply. The discomfort feels like a knot of gas stuck in that area 24/7. I also have acid reflux, though not sure if it's related to the lower bloating issues. Upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, CT, gastric emptying were OK. None of the medications tried help much: bentyl, rifaximen, zoloft, probiotics, ibgard, miralax, etc. I would say my stools are mostly drier, harder to pass. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas what the cause is I'd appreciate it, I've been miserable every day. Does anyone else with "IBS" have this constant loud gas sounds? I feel like there're missing something

video link to the gurgling sound and area: https://youtu.be/7jsBZBmXfAE
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Been awhile since you posted.  What's the update and we'll talk more.  IBS can look different depending on the person.
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Hey. late reply but I've still been the same miserable- constant trapped left side excess gas :(     I've been trying motegrity 2mg recently which helps bowel movements but nothing on the bloating... I feel so hopeless
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