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What is it really?

Hello, this is my first question ever and I'm looking for help. For awhile now (since i was 7 years old, I'm 18 now) I've been struggling with abdominal issues forever. When I was 7 i had blood in my stool, i thought it was because i ate a sunflower seed, so i stopped eating those- but then it happened again when I was 8. after that i would eat something and it felt like it would go right through me because i was in the bathroom 2 minutes later for 20 minutes. Anyway, at 14 I had my gallbladder removed it was rare but it was 3x it's size, white. At 15 I had kidney stones. Mind everyone i'm 200 lbs and barely eat. I exercise but can't take away lbs or keep them off. I've been called a hypochondriac because no doctor can find anything wrong- even with my sypmtoms. Recently they decided i had ibs because i told them my stomach gargles and i have gas that makes it feel like my bones will break until i let it out. I go to the bathroom everyday 3 times a day and can't control it. And that I use to cry to my dad when i had to go. I have also have never had a solid stool in my life. But, i have a hard time accepting my answer to be IBS, because i still can't control it. Is this IBS or is it something else??? Please help i've wanted answer for 11 years and no one can seem to help, thank you.
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That does sound like a situation of IBS.  This is the diagnosis of the gastroenterologist?  There are meds people take to treat it. It might be worth trying to see if you respond.  What kind of testing have you done?
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