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What is this IBS!?

I would like to get an opinion...this is basically my morning routine every day. Sorry for the detail.

Basically, I wake up every morning with a slight aching stomach pain, eat breakfast ..right after I am done eating (sometimes I don't even get to finish)
My stomach starts to cramp up..and I have to run to the bathroom. Bad pain, like I cannot hold it in for too long.
I end up going to the bathroom (usually light colored-yellow/light brown, soft and thin)
I finish in the bathroom, my stomach is better. I sit down with an aching stomach-pain from the bowel movement.
Approximately 10-30mins later, the stomach bad urging pain comes back and I must rush to the bathroom again. (soft stool, light colored, loose) not as much as the first time. Again, I finish up in the bathroom, stomach feels good again, minus the cramping from the pushing. I lay down for a little while trying to relax my abdominal area.
Sometimes that is all, sometimes I go 1 to 2 more times..the same way.
On some days, I do not have a bowel movement at all (very seldom) and some mornings I have one normal bowel movement and that is all..no pain.
Usually by late afternoon I am perfectly fine..with a slight abdominal pain...and slight pain after eating dinner.
Sometimes I experience light-headedness when I have stomach pain as well.
The pain after I go is usually on the lower left..OR lower right.

I have been to the doctor and have had blood tests done. Nothing found.
I have not had any further testing as of yet but I have been doing a lot of reading online and it seems people with so called "IBS" never get diagnosed with anything...after having every single test possible.
Or..like in my case..the doctors don't want to do tests..they would rather just say.."You have IBS' and send me on my way.
I plan on getting a stool sample analysis, abdominal CT scan and a abdominal ultrasound. If those are all negative then I really do not know where to do from there.
I do feel that anxiety and stress play a big part in my symptoms..but anxiety cannot play such a huge part..especially on the days where I have no worries (except for thinking about what stomach pain I will have for the day)

I am really sick of this lifestyle and would love some help.
I have seen 3 separate doctors and none will really help me..they recommend OTC meds and anxiety pills.
OTC Imodium absolutely did NOT work..gave me the worst cramps the next day.

I also just moved to a new city, and do not have a family doctor right now..which makes everything so difficult.
Hopefully I can get some help from this website.

Any ideas for me, or anyone else have similar symptoms??

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