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abdominal pain and bloating...

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP IF POSSIBLE..........I have symptoms of abdominal pain sometimes it comes all the way up to my belly button and my lower abdomin at the same time and sometimes its just on my right of my abdomin. I also experience belching with discomfort of the belching seeming to want to come up/out and it feels as if it gets stuck and when it finally comes up/out its not much leaving my stomach feeling filled with air and bloated this is usually after eating. Theabdominal pain however comes before or after eating through out the day at different times of the day. I experienced yesterday evening diarihea (spelling is off) before it would be reqular stool sometimes with bits of "it" being released and other times it seems I have normal stool. Is there anyone who can help and tell me what these symptoms seem to be??????
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I is a possibility it is IBS which is most commonly expressed as abdomonal pain, cramps, and diahrea or constipation. IBS caused by and/or aggravated by stress, trigger foods ie. alcohol, coffee, sugar, fats, shakes, dairy etc. There are many many trigger foods and makes us strickly limit our diet to find out what foods are okay and what are not. Some people go for the medication root but when I tried that it hid the crampindg symptom but created a much worse symptom later so I manage it with my diet and stress. 25% of woman have it and I think something like 15% of men. There is no diagnostic test but there are many websited that describe the diet and it truly can be managed easily if you can commit to it.
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