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abdominal pain

.I have had abdominal pain in the right and left side below the rib cage area since shortly after i turned 18 , and now i am 3 months away from being 22 and still the pain comes and goes whenever it feels like it ive had ultra sounds and blood tests for diffferent infections such as liver and kidney infection and gallstones and kidney stones. ive been to the ER many of numerous times and still today suffer with the pain ive done plenty of my own research after hearing from doctors that is gastreaolreflux disease , or acid reflux as in (GERD) and i have found my symptoms show more signs of I.B.S(irritable bowel syndrome) or a bowel disorder of some kind and the only other thing it could possibly be is an ulcer of some kind but now iam waiting to get scoping done. if anyone has any info to what it may be i would appreciate the feed back cause no one should have to suffer years of abdominal discomfort.

thank you .
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Constipation? Doesn't sound like acid reflux cause I had a major surgery done for that and it usually effects mid stomach, chest, and throat. My bf had colitus (think that's the spelling) and he would have lower pains like that but whenever he ate he would have black diarrhea (black means there is blood in the stool). They had to do an exploration surgery to find it. Or it could be a hernia which is a tear in the stomach lining and it gets really painful. I get lower pains a lot randomly and even though woman do, I can't pinpoint the exact reason all the time. Hope you get feeling better and those freaking doctors find pain (I know its frustrating. I've been to the hospital twice in one year and they still can't figure out my pain)

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