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So I've haven't been diagnosed with ibs, I don't have insurance bc I'm sort of self employed. Anyway I've had bllod work and an ultra sound, everything is normal. I'm scheduled to have a colonoscopy, but if its just going to come back with nothing wrong I can't justify spending the money. I'm a single mom and in a very tough situation. After research I've done I'm almost certain I have ibs. What do I do? And how do I handle this? I'm certain its ibs A (alternating). I was convinced it was my gallbladder until the ultrasound. I also sat down and really thought about evrything I have been through and all the anxiety attcks I've had over the past year. So please some advice?
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The colonoscopy might show something, but it probably won't.  However a colonoscopy is a good idea to make sure nothing more serious is going on.  Have you tried making dietary and lifestyle changes?
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Get a blood test! And maybe go to a naturopath, they're more helpful then doctors when doctors can't give you any answers. My naturopath said I probably have a food sensitivity so I took a blood test and found out I was allergic dairy!  I cut dairy out of my diet and I now feel absolutely fine!! I thought it was maybe meat or wheat, i never even thought about dairy! I would recomend getting a blood test to anyone who has IBS :) For more information: http://www.rmalab.com/index.php?id=2
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Did your regular doctor ever give you a RAST blood test?
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Yes I've made dietary changes. I eat much healthier. I'm also doing fiber supplements and such as needed. I don't touch anti diarrheals bc ill never be normal again. I'm not sure about a RAST or what that is. They checked my organ enzymes and everything was normal. I always just thought I was healthy and sane until recently lol. I'm 24 not terribly over weight 135 lbs or so and I quit smoking this past spring. So I'm baffled.
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Have you tried eliminating 100% of all lactose from your diet for 2 weeks?  Have you tried eliminating 100% of all gluten from your diet for 2 months?  Have you tried increasing your water intake?  Have you tried increasing the amount of exercise you get?  A RAST blood test is a blood test that tests for many allergies.
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I did have the colonoscopy and it is horrible making my immune system haywire. According to the result i have they said nothing wrong my my intestines are real sensitive.
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