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desperate...EXTREME weight loss ~ possible parasite (out of country last June)


I have lost 35 lbs in 18 days. Without trying.

Symptoms: extreme fatigue, constant abd pain and occasional cramping, constipation with occasional days w/ 3-4 formed stools, occasional blood in stool (maroon red and black streaks), alternate between no appetite and absolutely starving, constant lower back pain and rancid peanut butter colored stools with occasional mucous and always small black flecks in the stool and on toilet paper.  This morning I did have what appeared to be a 1 1/2" long skinny white worm in my stool. It was not moving.

I have given 3 different stool samples with tests for: O&P, cdiff and basic culture. All negative.

I have had everything acute ruled out during 2 separate ER visits. Interestingly, have a small cyst on my liver.

I was just released from the hospital two days ago where I was inpatient for 3 days. Had EGD/Colonoscopy - results: IBS, gastritis, internal hemorroids.

ALL labs have been normal the SIX times they have been checked throughout this recent illness.

What helps my symptoms? Protonix, Zofran and Benzil.

IV fluids helped the constant headache I had for 2 weeks. I still feel like I am slightly dehydrated even though I have been pushing fluids like crazy.

I am of course eating a bland diet high in fiber. Drinking plenty of fluids (ie: water, vitamin water, powerade). Staying away from soda, alcohol or anything else that would be hard on GI system.

GI specialist insists it cannot be parasites. Even though I was in Africa 13 months ago and came home with parasites in my stool which I thought I received successful treatment for at that time.

My questions are:
1) Does this not sound like parasites? I keep insisting it is to the MANY MD's I have seen and I am not taken seriously (even though I am an RN).

2) How can I properly diagnose this if it is indeed parasites? Is there a specialized lab I can send a stool sample to that will be able to visualize this particular parasite?

I go back to my primary MD tomorrow afternoon and hope to have some additional information. He does listen to me and thanks to him I am not as seriously ill as I was. I of course am eager to return to work as I have missed 27 days already. But am still, frustratingly, too weak.

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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There is definitely some truth to what you say about parasites for sure:




and it would seem worthy of doing some further testing if you've eliminated everything else. Wasn't it in one of the Sherlock Holmes stories where he said "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?" Hopefully your doc can point you in the right direction for more useful testing.

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Hey Sophie.
Mainstream medicine's diagnosis/cure rate is as low as 5%, in cases like yours.
However a pathogenic mycoplasma co-infection is suspect. Pls see further below for info*
Also your gut dysbiosis has to to be addressed immediately.
I would recommend you start a EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil) therapeutic protocol.
EVCO is anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-protozoic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and it causes
NO inflammation when used in cooking (no chemical alteration with heat-no oxidation,no inflammation!) unlike all other oils and fats. It is perfect for the digestive and G.I system.
It contains lauric acid, only found in human breast milk, that gives infants strong immune protection.
Just ease into it starting with 2 tablespoons daily and gradually within 3-4 weeks reaching
4-5 tablespoons daily. For more info : coconutresearchcenter.com
The expert in this is Dr. Bruce Fife.

Consider the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Tough one to follow, however, your body will THANK you for doing it after a couple weeks. It is very effective for IBS and gut dysbiosis.

You also may need to control JNK gene expression. Your GSH levels are probably very low
by now and the best way to increase it is by supplementation in order to control JNK expression. (prolonged JNK gene activation may lead to more serious and chronic disease)
Best supplementation for max. assimilation:
Certified Undenatured Whey Isolate Powder. No blender, no heat, take away from meals 3 times daily , 10-20 grams per dose. Mix in smoothie ( must be "legal" ingredients if on the
SCD program) Just get the plain kind without added flavors.
You will also benefit from a high quality prebiotic and probiotic program.
The best one that I have come across is from Progressive Nutritional. I have used it
with success. It comes as a kit. Just do a search.

Labs to detect parasites and parasitic diseases: Parasitic Disease Consultants,
Quest Diagnostics, Specialty Laboratories. But they will NOT detect  mycoplasmas*.
Please check at: immed.org for more info on this.
The treatment protocol for pathogenic mycoplasma co-infections is very specialized.
And Dr. Garth Nicolson is the expert in this. (if applicable to you/ positive test )
Tests only available in very few labs.(many labs that confirmed the presence of pathogenic
mycoplasmas in tests where suddenly shut down????)
Do you have any connections to find out why? Everyone I've asked so far is tight-lipped.
I'm hoping to meet with a professor in a nearby town this fall, that has  knowledge in this area  and has done extensive research.
Also he publishes the journal of degenerative diseases.

Should you want a regiment for parasites, let me know. You can message me anytime.
Please research the above very carefully. Knowledge is power, and also by being proactive with your health, you have a greater chance to improve and  resume your normal life soon!
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I would highly recommend you see an infectious disease specialist.  I agree that it does sound like a parasite and an infectious disease doctor will help you figure out what the parasite is and come up with a proper treatment for it.

Nikodicreta, can you please explain what you mean by, "Mainstream medicine's diagnosis/cure rate is as low as 5%, in cases like yours."
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It is in the case of undetected parasites and undiagnosed parasitic infections within the first 12 months.
I suggest you look into the book: Parasites: "The Plague of Our Times" written by Dr.Ann Louise Gittleman. HSI members, who purchase the book, also get a discount on a state of the art do-it -yourself parasite testing kit, in case:
a. allopathic doctors Do Not "believe you"or take you seriously.
b. The labs testings return consistently negative.

I'm not suggesting to anyone to drop their current protocol and treatment and run to purchase this book and kit. This is for educational purposes, and only after careful research, one can evaluate their current situation and should they not be pleased, may consider other options, if they choose to do so.

This is a very serious health issue, that is not being addressed by the medical system.
Tests for parasites are only available for about five percent of the known varieties, with a twenty-percent accuracy. Female worms can release 2,000 to 300,000 eggs per day depending on their type.
Pathogenic mycoplasma, parasitic, and protozoic infections are reaching epidemic proportions in our society. They are not problems only in third world countries.
We can do better than that and eliminate or reduce unnecessary human suffering .
All these infections can be treated successfully. It's the mechanism that is dysfunctional
and we all ought to take a closer look.  
Gain knowledge, get involved, help make improvements for Real Health Care delivery.
Not for us, but for our children.

Dr. Ross Anderson N.D has an excellent- public service- report on parasites.
Just do a search.

Please post again or message me if you need more info.
Blessings to all,

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Although "tests for parasites are only available for about five percent of the known varieties, with a twenty-percent accuracy" might be accurate for non-pathogenic parasites, for pathogenic parasites I believe those numbers are much higher.  I'm curious, do you know of any studies on this that I could look at?
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Hey patient915.

As you know, funding for most studies has to come from a source that has an interest
in in the related area of research.
And the study has to produce results that are conducive to the funding source's purpose, ideology and expectations.
Now just think about it for a minute. Who would invest millions of dollars, for any studies that show clearly the critical inadequacies and deficiencies of a health care system,
that is failing to diagnose and treat patients properly.
The only possibility would be smaller "outsider" entities, that play the role of the patient's
advocate for various reasons. Usually any public sector entity involved in such an endeavor,
get's cautioned, and the studies along with the mostly very negative findings, simply disappear.
I will get you a couple studies, but I must run now!
Take care.

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I'm in the middle of completing a bunch of tasks, as I'm getting ready for a convention
next week.
Parasite classification is  controversial, to say the least, as there are no universally accepted standards. It's actually quite a complex topic.
What one calls a parasite "non-pathogenic", may be later classified as pathogenic because of the damage to the host results in disease.
So there are the "potential" pathogens that do not cause disease, unless there's an opportunity to inflict damage when there are weaknesses or imbalances within the host.
And there are non indigenous parasites that associate with non-immune host, and almost always cause disease.
The status of the host is a very important factor in all this.
Just for illustration purposes:
Most M.D.s that want to diagnose larger parasites, take a fecal swab, which has a low detection rate. For common parasites, a number of purged stool tests may be required,
as parasites may appear only after the fourth test or later! And this is only effective with parasites only within the digestive tract.
A Bueno-Parish test can be performed for giardiasis for example, if it was not detected in the stool tests.
Giardiasis very common in the U.S., if missed, is frequently misdiagnosed as IBS.            (Very significant for the I.B.S. Community!)
If the B.P test does not detect this parasite, then there's the string test- where a capsule
with a string is swallowed and pulled up after many hours and examined under microscope.
There are a lot of parasites that cannot be detected with the above tests (the majority), as the digestive tract may be a transitional terrain at the time, or they are outside it.
There are many other tests, for those parasites ( too many to expand on each test, such as blood immunological profiling,
(which in case of a serious parasitic the infection the immune system is compromised),
urine sediment examination, lymph biopsies, fluid aspirations, muscle-organ-cyst biopsies.
Sometimes CT scans or MRIs are used to detect certain parasites, undetectable by any other testing method.
The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute has some of information that seems to  support the numbers estimated by scientists for the percentages of "known" varieties tested and  accuracy of testing. Associate Membership starts at $350.00 annually for level one and available only for Industry affiliated labs, practices and clinics.
More next time. I tend to get carried away!

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I agree that most studies are only done by groups that want to prove (want a certain result).  This is what skews so many studies because they are not done correctly.  I've done a lot of statistics (I'm a math nerd) and I can sometimes tell when a study seems legitimate or when the group sponsoring the study did something (such as not taking a random sample) and therefore misreported their results.  This happens all the time with the big groups (NIH, CDC) and the smaller groups.  Those smaller outside entities also are in it for the money and they want the study to prove that their treatment works.  If only the world was perfect, and we could get perfectly done studies...
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WOW. Im going through the same symptoms..and I got a head ct and full body ct..whatever you call it.and they couldnt find anything. Im scared to death.. I have two young children that need me..and i believe  i have worms, but everywhere besides my intestine..See, i was constipated for three weeks, and was told by one of my friends that if your blocked up, the worms will go elsewhere. Im terrified:( and the doctors just look at me like im crazy, but i went to a different hospital, and they actually took the time to get a stool sample( eight laxatives later) im praying to god they find it before i end up dying from this. Best of luck to you, and hope your okay:)
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