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fodmap tolerance limits, apps, burps


im in the fodmap elimination phase
can anyone explain how the fodmap tolerance limit should be looked at (i read too much about it, including random blogs, and now im confused)

lets say FOR EXAMPLE ur tolerance limit for each individual fodmap is 4g.

u eat 5g fructans or 5g lactose or... ---> u get symptoms
if u eat 1g fructans, 1g galactans, 1g lactose,1g fructose and 1g polyols  ,   would u get the same level of symptoms or could they be worse  (read somewhere that different fodmaps strengthen each others effect)

now for real:p
i tested negative on lactose breathtest.
Can i introduce high lactose diary again or might i get symptoms?

Anyone know a method to force a burp? got tummyaches alot, burping makes it better but it happends that i hear the air/gas in my stomach, but the burp doenst come. can take several hours before it finally does :|

About the apps (i got monash, fodmapfriendly)
What i like about fodmapfriendly is that ,even when a serving is green, it says which low levels of fodmaps ur serve contains. But ofc there are contradictions with Monash app,  soo which one do i trust most?

Is there a site where u can follow the results of the latest IBS research results. Like do they know already if u really damage ur gut bacteria due to fodmap restriction diet and if u can solve it by taking probiotics during elimdiet

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Hi, I've been through a similiar experience. After elimination Fodmap diet, endo's and colonscopsies, nothing could be found. I think I have finally realised I have an issue with sugar. I cannot digest it. Processed foods are out. I only feel good if it is plain food. Meat and veg and water.
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Hi what help me to relieve wind and help settle my stomach is peppermint tea. I honestly don't know what I would do with out it. I also find that if it happened at nighttime I lay on my left side and it helps abit X
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The tests didn't show any problems with gluten or dairy for me but they cause all kinds of discomfort for up to weeks when I ingest them
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