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green diarrhea

*I have had bad IBS for 6 years, so I'm no stranger to frequent bathroom trips! This feels different though...
for the past two weeks or so, I've had this consistent dark "moss" green diarrhea, very soft, several times a day (though that's not new, this is not a color&consistency combination I've ever had). it also tends to be urgent, though not a lot at a time, and I'm seriously going through a roll of TP every dayI've been researching causes and
-I definitely get enough fiber in my diet, so that's not the problem
-the amount of green foods I eat in a day hasn't changed in at least two or three months, so I'm not sure it's a green food thing either
-I've been gluten free for 2.5 years
basically I'm wondering, is this just a new face of my IBS, or could something else cause this?

thank you!
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There are a few different things that may cause this

If you just starting taking an iron supplement or have been eating a lot of foods that are iron-rich, then you may have noticed a change in the color of your bowels - As you say this is not the cause of the color change.

There are other cases where this could be caused by bile.  Bile only gets turned brown after passing through your large intestine.  If you have been taking laxatives or have diarrhea, it may pass through too quickly and will remain green.  This Green Stool is also usually temporary and will subside.  If you continue having diarrhea after a period of time, and you have tried to adjust your diet, you should definitely bring this up to your doctor as it might be a sign of something more serious.

Hope this helps
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