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groin area pain /w IBS flare?

anyone get groin pain & low back pain with their IBS flares?  i could feel this coming on recently and now its here full blown. the bloat, right torso? side pain, very irritable/moody, and the groin pain & low back pain.

i also have MS. a neuro specialist last year mentioned that gastro issues are linked to myMS. though i'm diagnosed with IBS too. like maybe for me, my IBS flares are intertwined with my MS flares. doesn't matter at this point as all i know is i have it. might help if i just write a little about it and go back and lay down. hate this stuff!

just wanted to know if anyone, like maybe more guys due to discomfort area, has this kind of discomfort their IBS flares.  weather is changing here too. getting more hot plus the sensitivity to allergies maybe. my whole body feels whacked out. the discomfort is bad enough i can't even practice my music, just lay about, ya know?
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Though I am not male, I have horrible episodes just like this...(like now) I have had them for years,nothing ever shows up on tests...doctor last night in ER said to give up dairy and gluten..will try...also going to ask for food allergy testing...just in case...mke sure you are taking a good probiotic...best to all who suffer
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