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iBS? Intermittent Pain near naval/nausea change in bowel movements

I have been having intermittent bouts of description would be a dull needle like feeling mostly right of my belly button say 2 inches beside maybe and on the less often bouts that pain can be feeling on the left side same distance from my belly button that does seem to hurt much more if it happens on that left side but it almost always occurs to the, right side, with this and or without this pain kind of best described to be like a dull knitting needle pressing into something deep, I have many times not had that sharp feeling sometimes only a sudden nausea like motion sickness from to many roller coaster rides or sea travel on very bad seas, sometimes neither pain or nause I can have sudden hunger empty stomach feeling but sometimes all different combinations of all can occur.

I have been a&e at times prior, and now I have hade a ultrasound that was clear of gal stones and appendicitis etc etc, also had 2 endoscopy cameras one normal the second to take another look and took a stomach biopsy checking for celiac disease is it? and cancers they came back clear, had ph test with monometry probe is it a belt clip device in overnight that stated no hiatal hernia and also had barium meal thing that xray with chalky paste drink on a bed that moves upright and flat etc none except my first endoscopy camera came back with hiatal hernia and only other slight thing was that ph monometry probe showed very mild weaker swallowing in my osophagous but to date nothing gives an indication of anything serious weight is normal no weight loss but I do get occassional sudden diarreah but it's almost always like transparent water or sometimes water transparent and only once,wiping after it seems thin yellow fluid on the paper, I am waiting on a ct with contrast dye result and the fbc bloods from about maybe a month or more agao now, but I do wonder is it maybe ibs or my guess one a and e diagnostician doctor said was a very good theory was chronic appendicitis as he said ah yes if it isn't my first choice gallstones then your theory of chronic appendicitis is a very possible cause as it is withing that precise area where your appendix sits but he did say but it may also be ibs or something else but his first choices gallstones which was ruled out with that ultrasound? It is still ongoing and basically just a big question mark
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You might benefit from VLS 3 - a strong digestive probiotic.
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