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ibs for 2 years

i was diagnosed with ibs without any colonoscopy or ct but through rome criteria by my doctor.i have ibs constipation predominant since then.my cecum on right lower side seems filled with gas and distended. i can see it swelling up after eating anything and i pass excessive gas and then the distention decreases a little.my urinary analysis was normal with only 2-3 hpf pus cells.liver function tests were also normal.my doctor asked me to have a pbf smear test for anemia which was also normal but i have low HB value of 13.23.my ultrasound report was also normal.i underwent esr test which revealed a value of 8.also my total leukocyte count is 6900.is it normal?i don't have any fever and and never had any such symptoms with ibs.i also went through an article on mobile cecum syndrome which has symptoms identical to that of ibs.could it be possible that i may have mobile cecum syndrome.also any tips from those who suffer from constipation type ibs as how to manage constipation.please urgent feeedback is required .so please come up with your suggestions.
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Your leukocyte count is normal, so don't worry. I don't know anything about mobile cecum syndrome other than it has been seen as a potential cause for IBS. Management of constipation predominant IBS is difficult, but the best way to start is talking with your doctor. I know that's not really what you want to hear, but if your doctor is using Rome Criteria then he/she is obviously educated in the realm of these disorders. Most people get the diagnosis after months and months of tests that show nothing.

What I can recommend trying, without having any medical background - is to look up the FODMAP diet. It helps with bloating and gas.

I hope you get some good help.
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