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is it possible to have ibs attacks 8 months apart?

i had a painfull abdominal attack in jan 2018. I spent 4 days in the hospital and was treated with pain killers. I had minor pains for a month afterwards and diarrhea started every morning after that. there was no diagnoses as to the cause. cat scan, all lab tests and multiple stool tests were all negative.

in march I was put on prevalite and the diarrhea stopped at once. I was told it was due to my gallbladder being removed 8 yrs ago.

I just had my second attack last week, all tests were neg and the upper gi and lower gi showed nothing. based on all the neg test results ibs was suggested. I have diabetes and foot pain, im 72 and in good health. iwas told ibs is colon nerves acting up possibly because on the diabetes which is in control a1c 7.5

not to doubt the doctors but 8 months between major abdominal pain attacks seems like a long time. the next one maybe sooner. im much relieved that the scope test were negative.
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Hi there and welcome to MedHelp!!  Glad you found us but sorry it took a few days to answer.  Ugh, sorry about the difficulties you've had with your GI.  I agree, that it would be so far between episodes . . . doesn't sound related.  But I guess time will tell if you have another soon again. (fingers crossed you don't).  My husband was treated for diverticulitis which they can test for and would not be uncommon with your age?  He pays attention to what might trigger it although he's only had two episodes of it.  
Are they wanting to put you on IBS medication or just watch and see?
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