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am very worried....i cant drink milk because whenever i do drink it i start feeling pain in my abdomen,flatulence and cramps......what to do??? and sometimes my absomen get distended.....my age is 23yr...n milk is very necessary for me i know...bt what should i do now...i had tried flavored milk too...but the same feelings...help me
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u could have a allergy called lactose intolerance which basically means u cant break down the sugars from lactose which is mainly found in dairy products there are tests for this with your doctor{breath tests} and is very common.dairy products contain lots of important vits and minerals but there are substitutes like rice milk and lactose free milks etc there is also digestive enzymes u could take to help break down the missing lactose enyzme some people avoid these foods for a few days and see if symptoms improve but do not avoid certain foods unless guided by your doc to see if dairy is causing your symptoms in the first place

good luck
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