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ower Abdomen Pain

Hi, I have really bad pain in my lower abdomen right below my belly button but i have no problems with using the restroom...what might be causing this? Im really worried and i would go to a doctor but i cant right now because my mother cant drive me. PLEASE answer and help.
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How old are you? Where exactly is the pain? Any other symptoms. Pain may arise from small or large intestine, bladder, uterus, abdominal wall..Is the painful spot tender to touch or pain changes with body position? Any change in urine color? Raised temperature?
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Im 16. The pain is like from my belly button to my.....ummm like crotch. It is worse when i move in certain ways, like changing position and working out and stuff like that. I think i have a fever, my face has been hot to the touch lately but i keep forgetting to take my temp... It doesnt hurt to touch. I also have been really tired lately and really weird appetite. Like i go from starving to not hungry at all and naesous. I also have been really light headed. Any help???
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I think Boron is on the right track.  It could be many things.  Are you keeping track of your menstral cycle?  Keep track of your temperature, too.  If you have a low to normal temperature, I suspect IBS.  IBS can cause all those symptoms you're describing.  I was a little younger than you are now when I started feeling exactly the same way you're describing.  The fatigue you're describing and the light headedness should still be checked out by your family doctor.  I still suspect IBS.  But, you should have your thyroid levels checked out when you see your doctor, too.  And, your female hormones.  Even if it turns out to be IBS, your menstral cycle also affects your IBS and even vice versa.  You should definitely talk your mom into taking you to the doctor.  The face flushing thing still happens to me at my age.  It may not even be a fever if it's just your cheeks flushing.  That happens to me, too.  I think it's related to everything I just mentioned.  So, definitely get your thyroid levels checked and your female hormone levels checked.  Keep the test results with you forever.  It will be a baseline that your doctor can use to compare later on as you get older, so she'll know what is normal for you.
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Is it a time before your period?

Any burning at urination? Could be cystitis caused by bacteria or parasites. It would really help, if you can tell if your temperature has rised lately.
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i just got off of it. No pain when going to the rest-room. I went to the doctor but sadly my doctor did not think to test me for anything \, she tends to just guess. :-( I am feeling much worse and my doc put me on a clear liquid diet that isnt helping. I am still vomiting and have a LOT of stomach pain that moves from my just beneath my ribs to my left and right side, I think what furballs said might be right because i have recently started having trouble with giong to the restroom. Its like i feel like i have diarhea but i have to struggle to go. >.<
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Amanda, if I got you right, pain goes away after the bowel movement? If so, then all your pains may arise from constipation and bloating. Accompanying diarrhea speak that IBS could actually is a condition that covers all your symptoms.

Again, has your body tempersture changed lately? Raised temperature is NOT characteristic for IBS. Also, have your period changed in any way? If anything of this happened, yu should visit a gastroenterologist and ask about stool test for parasites or even colonoscopy. Or you should visit gynecologist.

If there is no temperature, your period has not changed, and pain goes away completely after the bowel movement, you can try a "low-fodmap diet". If you have IBS, this diet should halp you considerably within 4 days.

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I have had a fever, high temp, and pain at all times. Thank you and i will speak to my mother about going to a gastroenterologist. But i have one more question.......i went to the doctor and told her my symptoms and she believed it was a stomach flu and put me on a liquid diet which didnt worlk......what do i do know?? What does it mean when a liquid diet doesnt help?
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if you ask me, high temperature, pain below the belly button, and no problem with bowel movements speaks for
- genitourinary tract (bladder, uterus...) infection

Stomach flu is usually present with obvious diarrhea or at least you'd notice some change in bowel movements. Liquid diet was probably meant as help is stomach flu...

If you don't have problems with bowel movement, then you should first visit urologist or gynecologist, and please, do speak with your mother right away. You need to see a doctor soon..today ..tomorrow..to prevent any possible complications.
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Hi, not disrespecting any of the posts above because they are valid but,the only people fit to diagnose IBS are your GP/Doctor or a specialist. He/She needs to run test and get a conclusive answer for you, boron is quite correct. Do it now. Explain to your parent and get an appointment you need to be persistant with these people, doctors not your mom(;-)). Neglect putting things off  kills  the grave yards are full of peolpe who put off going to the doctors. Once you have a clear diagnosis of IBS then i would advise coming back here to the forum to get more help from fellow sufferers. You may have crohn's disease no one seems to of mentioned that who knows? Im not doing this to frighten you but emphasise you need to insist your doctor do tests. There is sometimes a condition which details the symptoms mentioned above you could have an impacted stool in your colon causing a dam and the diarrhoea causes pain and distends the gut and passes down the side of the 'stuck' constipated stool causing you pain. There are other possibilities hence my advice - go to the doctor quickly if you are in pain and insist on the tests being done for peace of mind if nothing else. Hope this helps
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Just to prevent some confusion about is it IBS or not. Fever does never appear in IBS. A person with IBS can have fever from other causes, but not from IBS. Persons with IBS either have diarrhea or constipation or both or abdominal cramps, none of which was mentioned here.

If fever appears in Crohn's disease, it is usually a low grade fever, and pain is usually on the right or left side of the abdomen. I can't exclude Crohn's disease, but pain being located between a belly button and crotch speaks for bladder or uterus as a source of the pain.

Urine tests and/or gynecologyc examination should certainly be made soon.
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I will tell my mother to take me to the doctor tomorrow, I will also ask the doctor for tests for this stuff. Thank you, heres hoping its nothing serious,
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Hey my mother wont be able to take me to the doctor until Thur. and how should i go about askin the doctor for the tests??
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Amanda, write down the history of your symptoms: where exactly is the pain, when it started, how high was the temperature, mention that you didn't have any problems with bowel movements, and everything what you've said here and what you can recall. Every single info you give to the doctor may help him/her to give you a diagnosis.

Doctor should know what tests to order; you can expect urine or blood test and probably an ultrasound of the abdomen.
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Wow youre good!!! I went to the doctor and on Monday im going to hospital for an Upper G.I. and an ultrasound of my gullbladder. My doctor thinks it is something wrong with my gullbladder? I didnt think it was and it wasnt ever guessed by any of you but she knows what shes talkin about i hope. Heres hoping that its nothing too big.
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Have you ever had pain or cramps below the right rib cage, especially shortly after a meal? Or nausea? Burning feeling where ribs meat? Heartburn?
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Ok,i went to the hospital and got the Upper G.I. done and they said i have a Hiatel Hernia. So....any advice or help with that?? Thank you SOOO much boron your great and i appreciate it a LOT!
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Hiatal hernia may cause backflow of stomach acid into your esophagus and throat. You would feel this like a burning sensation behind your breastbone. On a long term, acid can cause inflammation of the lower part of your esophagus; in fact this is already possible.

First, you should get the following info from your hospital doctor:
- How serious the hernia is and do you need gastroscopy to check for eventual inflammation or ulcers in the stomach or esophagus?
- Is it likely that hernia will worsen or lessen by itself with time?

Not every hiatal hernia is of the same extent, so without knowing more details, it is hard to say, what all should you do now.

In general, to prevent backflow of acid from the stomach, you should
- avoid bending down with your upper body, like when taking your shoes on
- maybe lift your bed on the head side for about 4 inches (10 cm)
- not have big meals
- limit acidic foods, like vinegar, soda, fruits/juices, alcohol and other foods containing vitamin C (which is an acid); also drugs, like aspirin or ibuprofen, which are also acidic.  
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You'll want to follow the dietary and lifestyle guidelines for GERD.  I have GERD.  Something that isn't always mentioned in regards to diet and GERD is that foods with sulfites are known to irritate GERD.  You can have GERD with or without the hiatal hernia.  One thing doctors always mention is to raise the head of your bed somehow and don't sleep lying completely flat.  There are wedge pillows you can use if you can't actually raise the head of your bed.  I would recommend the medium height of the wedge, as I've found the highest height of the wedge pillow was too uncomfortable to sleep with.  The medium one is more comfortable.  You'll want to do everything you can to avoid the surgery that is often done for as many years as you possibly can, so you definitely want to follow the guidelines for GERD and prevent as much burning as you possibly can.  
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