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Back pain

Hello anyone has back pain?
I took a nap on the caught last sunday and I woke up with a terrible backpain that is not going away, plus lifting my 3 year old child doesn't help. I'm worried about a miscarriage due to my previous one but my doctor is not worried because I don't have any other symptoms (no cramps, no bleeding...) just a back pain. I asked for another ultrasound anyway to make sure, and I'm going Monday.
I was just wondering if anyone else has back pain.
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Sorry to hear that.
I feel a little better. After the ultrasound at 9 weeks (baby was fine) I've been going to a chiropractor and he helps.
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my back pain hes been horrible. Sometimes i cant even walk. So i guess its normal sin some people but i think its my sictica nerve as the pain travels down my leg and makes my right leg give out.
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